Why You Should Consider Taking Piano Lessons Online

Many people turn to music as a resource to relax and have fun, but the learning process you need to navigate to get there can be complex at times. If you have never played a musical instrument, then reading sheet music may be a difficult task to tackle on your own. Learning music theory should be the fundamental basis for your musical journey, but how do you start?

Searching For Piano Lessons That Work For You

When searching for Piano lessons in your area you need to consider a few things.

1. Size of the program.

2. Travel time.

3. Teacher qualifications.

4. Pricing.

5. Time class starts.

• Program Size

The size of the program is something to consider if you plan on traveling to a local music school for lessons. A large program would indicate a successful program and should be acknowledged as such. On the other hand, the larger the program, the less classroom availability the instructors might have for new students. Calling ahead to coordinate lesson plans, start time, and cost should be a top priority when searching for piano lessons.

• Travel Time

Travel time is something everyone should think about. If the closest music school is 45 minutes away, it won’t be convenient for you to make that trip each week. Loss of time while traveling, gas, and other variables come into play when considering traveling to and from music lessons.

• Teacher Qualifications

Teacher qualifications should be considered as well. Ask questions before you sign up for piano lessons with anyone online and offline. Teachers should be well studied and be able to provide you qualifications for teaching. Most piano teachers will have a musical degree from schools like Berklee, while others may have learned outside of the education system. If concert performance is something you are considering, then ask if they have experience performing in front of an audience. There is a lot to learn from live performances, so learning from an instructor with that experience will be priceless.

• Pricing

Are the lessons being offered affordable? How many hours a week does your monthly registration fee pay for? You need to ask the piano instructor these questions so you know what your money is buying. If you can’t find affordable piano lessons locally, then looking to the internet for virtual instruction may be the best option for you.

What Time Slot Do They Have Available

If the school is busy, there may only be openings for lessons early or late in the evenings. Prime time spots are most likely already occupied by other students, so finding out when they have availability for you will determine whether or not you can make the class or not. More things to think about as you consider local Piano lessons vs. online piano lessons.

Why Online Piano Lessons Make Sense For Most People

If any of these considerations that we listed do not fit your budget or schedule, you should think seriously about trying an online course. Online piano lessons are a great way to learn at your own pace. There are many different courses available, and choosing one shouldn’t be too difficult. Compared to traditional piano schools, online lessons give you the freedom to learn on your time, cover course material thoroughly, and learn from multiple instructors depending on the program you sign up for.

For many people, learning on a MIDI controller is a perfect way to get started. You don’t need a traditional piano to learn how to play. You can connect a MIDI controller to a laptop or computer tower via USB and generate piano and keyboard sounds through your computer. There are some more advanced pieces of software out there that will allow you to record your MIDI notes and compare them to the curriculum of the lesson to check for grades. This is a great way to get graded my artificial intelligence without the need of a live instructor.

Those of you that need instructor feedback, but still want the convenience of taking piano lessons online, you should consider a course that offers weekly video chats with instructors. Skype video chats give you the opportunity to have a professional instructor watch your performance live and critique your work without the instructor needing to be there. You can also mix these two lesson plans to create an ideal learning environment for you or your student.

Online piano lessons cut down on travel time, they are cheaper, and classes can begin whenever you are ready to take them. There are also Facebook groups and other social media outlets that offer support for new students looking to ask questions in a group environment for feedback and guidance. Piano lessons are more affordable than ever, and with the technology that is accessible to most, gaining access to small USB keyboards and soft-synths for generating sound makes this one of the best times in history to learn piano.


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