Why is McLaren Honda a famed formula one racing team?

McLaren Honda F1is also known as a British Formula One team that is based at the McLaren Technology Center in Surrey. It is also regarded as the formula one constructor and has also competed in a lot of racing challenges across the world. McLaren Honda F1is also the second active team just after Ferrari.

Moreover, Honda F1 Motorracing is also not far behind when it comes to the context of formula racing. On the other hand, Honda Racing F1 is the owned subsidiary of the McLaren Technology Group. It has also won a large number of Grand Prix Races.

McLaren Honda F1 Shop

As an ardent fan of formula one racing, you can opt for McLaren Honda F1 Shop. Here you would find a lot of merchandise that are best suited to serve your needs. The Indianapolis wins made this team quite popular in the world scenario of Formula One Racing. It is also important to note that a lot of fans eagerly wait for the Grand Prix Circuit to become operational. In this manner, they can closely see the status of their favorite team, the McLaren Honda 2016.

This team has also own the Formula One Constructor’s Championship in the year 1974. The shareholders of this team have done a fantastic job till now to make sure that the team is always on the top of the popularity as well as points. With Honda and Porsche engines powering the team, success is bound to come to them.


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