Why Instagram Is Becoming Facebook’s Next Facebook?

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If you are an active social media user, you cannot deny the impact of Instagram in our lives. Why Instagram – one of the popular photo-sharing app used for gaining popularity. The trend of hashtags has become the jargon of the new generation. People are living in the virtual world where every life story find its way through likes and comments with the help of #Hashtags. Instagram is the most advanced medium of social networking. It is a social media app which is much more than just uploading and liking pictures.

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Why Instagram Became This Huge

At recent, meeting with employees, Mr. Kevin Systrom, founder of Instagram, showed off his chart: Days to reach 100 million users. Not long ago, the Facebook-owned photo-based social network grew a steady clip. Without fail, in every nine months, Instagram added another 100 million users somewhere in the world. Instagram has been growing like crazy essentially since it went live in 2010, under Facebook – which bought the company for $ 1 billion five years ago. This unexpected growth was pre-planned by the team of Instagram. The primary reason that they have scaled more quickly in the last 100 million users because they have figured out the bottlenecks to its service and eliminated them and looked for better opportunities to serve users. Instagram crossed 1 billion active users this year and constantly growing with a very uniform rate.

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More than 80 percent of Instagram’s users are now outside the United States, mostly in Asia and South America, where the internet speed is not as fast as the USA. So the engineers of Instagram made its Android and iOS app work better outside the United States. Now, more and more people around the world are joining this app and experiencing the amazing virtual reality.

Reasons why Instagram gained popularity very quickly –


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Yes, it is very user-friendly. The interface is very attractive, interactive and easy to interpret and follow. For some people, it may not be that a big reason, because our eyes are so used to seeing the good content on these kinds of apps. It is just because they are designed in such a way that appeals to the users. But once we get to know a bad user interface, it would make us value more existing good ones. A good user interface is pleasing to the eye, subtle and simple which Instagram definitely is.

Bridging The Gap

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This credit goes to camera-equipped mobile phones, which have become cheap and easy to operate. It is very easy for users to capture and share photos and other media. In fact, this casual simplicity of Instagram is the biggest attraction. However, if we talk about convenience and speed come limitations. Taking photos with a phone camera requires less effort and creativity than doing so with a digital single-lens reflex camera – a smartphone camera does not have an adjustable lens to tweak or shutter or aperture to control.

Boring To Beautiful

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Let’s talk about its most exciting filters. If we talk about Instagram, we cannot miss mentioning its Filters. Instagram is all about filters. It has the most creative, coolest and convenient filters. Even for the amateur photographers, there is no need to worry about the right amount of white balance or saturation level, you have all the modes in the filter so that sometimes you do not even need to use the tools.

Instantly Makes You Happy

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The desires of human are being fulfilled by Instagram. Its feature of easy uploads has made it convenient for people to reach out and get likes, appear beautiful with filters and showcase their travels with photo maps. Instagram has been spot on to find the desires of the new selfie generation.

World Of Hashtags

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The use of Hashtags is what the main brand value of Instagram. Without #instagood #instalife, you cannot imagine the Instagram. The long stories that were used on Facebook posts, captions got seriously cut down to one-liners attached with Hashtags. Even if you have a long write-up, the hashtags provided at the end summed up the story.

To conclude, we will say that’s why Instagram “marries two things” – Photography and integration to Social Networking. This is the powerful combination. In past, this was done by Facebook but nowadays people want to experiment and experience the more virtual simulated world. And Instagram is fulfilling that need of people.

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