Why Charlie Sheen Is Media All Time Favourite!

Charlie Sheen has definitely been one of the most common household names for an n number of reasons. There is no doubt in the fact that this is one person who never fails to entertain us. The most important part about Charlie Sheen is his life as well as the charlie sheen comedy movies and series that he has worked on.

He was never media shy and rather has been one of the best providers of the news to media. His portrayal of the main protagonist in the series Two and a Half Men has been one of the most turning point in his life. It can be well proof because after him the series was never the same.

Charlie Sheen, Medias favourite:

Born to famous actor Martin Sheen and Janet Templeton, Charlie Sheen was blessed with a golden spoon in the mouth. Of course he was always great in any film that he has worked in, as he has really brought life to any role he has played. The charlie sheen best movies are many actually.

There is completely no doubt in the fact that without him the series of Two and a Half Men would have been absolutely impossible and there is no doubt in the fact biggest Two and a Half Men did not work the same way after he was out of the show.

On personal front Sheen had been married about 3 times. After a long stunt of small affairs, she married his first wife in the year of 1995. Unfortunately because of his engagement with some escort agency he got the watch in the year 1996.

She is unmarried Denise Richards in the year of 2002 after dating for 2 years of time. After they had two daughters Sheen and Denise Richards separated in the year of 2005 because of scenes alcohol and drug abuse.

His 3rd marriage to Brooke Mueller, also didn’t make a success. Well, charlie sheen news now isn’t any less interesting as well!


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