Why Buy Moccasins From Canada

The term “moccasin” is used to refer to the shoes of the First Nations. Back then, the word includes such footwear as leggings, boots, and sandals. In Canada, First Nation refers to the indigenous people living in the Southern part of the Arctic Circle. 

Created initially as protective footwear to keep the wearer’s feet from freezing, moccasins in Canada now evolved into sturdy and trendy footwear. 

First Nations Moccasins

The moccasins in the past were popular because of the soft sole that allowed people to wear it as snowshoes. With their moccasins on, people can quietly move across the land and hop on a birch bark canoe without destroying it. Cut-out patterns and decorations on the shoes often indicate the community or clan of the wearer. 

Around 1780 to 1790, Huron moccasins enabled people to walk around the regions surrounding Great Lakes. Fast forward to the 1900s, Canadian factories started to mass-manufacture shoes of different styles. Each shoe designer also showcased their respective takes on the indigenous First Nations moccasins. 

If history is not enough to convince you to buy Canadian moccasins, check out these practical reasons. 

Peace of mind. 

Canadian moccasins are handmade. You are buying a local product that was constructed and designed with the utmost care. Most Canadian footwear companies support shipping overseas, so you can order online and have this carefully crafted footwear delivered to your location. 

Most footwear manufacturing companies in Canada also hire local workers, boosting the region’s economy. With this in mind, you can forget women’s designer shoes and feel good thinking that you are also helping support the local economy. These manufacturers also work with local tanneries to create fantastic and quality footwear. 

Excellent Quality 

Many moccasin users can attest to the fact that this footwear can last for a long time. There are even moccasin owners who still wear the same pair for 20 years. This only shows the level of quality of this Canadian footwear. 

Since the footwear is both hand-cut and hand-sewn, you can be assured of the craftsman’s attention to detail. More than being a functional pair of shoes, moccasins in Canada are viewed as artwork. It honors traditional crafting and designing techniques. 

100% Genuine Leather 

It is a delicacy to say that leather is the best material for footwear. Leather is comfortable, flexible, and long-lasting. Your feet will be pleased with the leather’s stretchability and odor-resistant characteristics. 


It was the Native Americans who first created moccasins, and today, these footwears remain relevant. The timeless beauty and unparalleled comfort brought by the footwear’s design made it famous until now. 

Though moccasin designs and styles have evolved through time, they stayed true to their original purpose and form. When you buy handmade moccasins from manufacturers that are of aboriginal descent, you get the best moccasins in the market. 

Canadian manufacturers of moccasins support aboriginal communities, keeping traditions alive, and paying homage to indigenous history and values. 

Truly Canadian

People prefer Canadian moccasins because they are unique to the country. Every country has its own specialty. New Zealand is famous for sheep farming. Switzerland is known for its chocolates. Italians are passionate about their pasta and pizzas. Canadians, on the other hand, are best known for their mukluks and moccasins. 

If you want to experience Canadian culture, try wearing one of their moccasins. 


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