Who Is Hitting The Soccer Games?

What reminds you of sports? Or I’ll place the question as who do you like among sports? When it comes to soccer, how can you not take the name of Tim Howard? The American soccer player and a captain to the team of MLS club Colorado Rapids, he plays for the United States’ national team as a goalkeeper. He is best known for being the most capped goalkeeper. If you are a big fan of Tim, do buy his biography ‘The Keeper’ that describes his career and life-related problems of Tourette Syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Childhood and Early Days

Born in New Jersey, the keeper Tim Howard is born to a middle-class family, with parents one being a truck driver and the other as a container packing distributor. During his sixth standard, Tim was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. Under the coach Tim Mulqueen’s assistance, he played potentially in the under 17 soccer team. By 1995, Howard Keeper gained an imperial position in the under 17 soccer squad. Soon, he signed a treaty with the Imperials and played his first professional game much before graduating from the high school. Such is the greatness of Tim as a goalkeeper.


Howard entered the Metro Stars holding the hands of his coach Tim Mulqueen. Winning the award of Goalkeeper of the Year, Tim played in 27 out of 28 games. Next, he shifted to Manchester United in exchange for a nominal fee of US $ 4. He replaced Fabien Barthez and entered the team. Although his treaty with this club was only for a year, that is from 2004 -05 due to his immense success in games, the time got extended till 2009. Again, he joined the Everton club against Watford.

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