Where I go to Unplug


    Can you remember the last time you went out walking? I mean a real walk. Not one where you had to go to the grocery store, or a walk aimed at recording steps on your Fitbit, or even a walk to meet up with a friend. I’m talking about just a plain walk that you did for the sole sake of walking.
    If you do remember taking such a walk, did you share it with anyone? Did it feel like an accomplishment compared to other walks you have taken? If it was a truly casual walk, then maybe not because it wasn’t meant to be a goal…just something natural to do.
    Living in a rat-race, capitalist-driven society has taught most of us to become obsessed with always being in pursuit of the next goal. We can hardly eat a meal nowadays without cold calculations of calories, for example, rather than just savoring its deliciousness. Our fast-paced, always-on, swipe-left-or-right, instant gratification lifestyles, with second and third jobs, and our attentiveness to crafting our personal brand, end up dictating every iota of our existence.
    Constantly reminded of the uncertain economic environment, all our energies seem to be trained on securing the future, instead of savoring the moment before it is missed. As a result, we have forgotten to enjoy simple pleasures not attached to a calculated objective. Simple pleasures such as taking a walk.
    As someone who has been plugged into the on-the-go lifestyle myself, I have realized the importance of checking out, so to speak, at least every once in a while. I’ve come to find that there are quite a few people who feel the same; people who are living their lives, taking time to smell the coffee and go after their passions instead of swimming with the tide.
    A number of them I have come across just recently are what are referred to as travel influencers on YouTube. There are a number of them but one I’ve been drawn to is the Mylène Grâce YouTube channel. It’s run by a young woman, Mylène, who is also the co-founder of a music business. She doesn’t talk about her work here, though. Her channel is an outlet where she actually steps out of her corporate shell and shows the world a more candid side of herself that might often get repressed under all the number crunching and lead hunting her business entails.
    But another reason why I am drawn to the videos posted on the Mylène Grâce YouTube channel is because, like me, she also has a passion for traveling, which is another form of escape (pardon the pun) for me. To that end, I find myself sharing in her experiences of exploring interesting locations and just enjoying life.
    I’ve been motivated to find more time in my busy schedule to unplug from time to time, whether it is a simple thing as going for a carefree walk or reading a novel without watching the clock. I encourage you to do the same, your peace of mind will thank you.


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