What To Consider When Buying Elevator Shoes

Choosing an elevator shoe is not different from choosing any other type of shoe. There are certain factors you should consider to ensure you go home with the perfect footwear. We will be highlighting these important factors below.


Any shoe you buy must be comfortable to wear. This will not only give you a better walking posture, but it will also prevent injury to the feet too. Elevator shoes are no different which is why your priority should be; choosing a comfortable shoe. Now, one of the ways to get a comfortable elevator shoe is by trying it on first. Ensure that the shoes hug your feet tightly without causing you any pain. Also, remember to walk a few meters with the shoes to be sure it fits your feet properly.

Moreover, the sole of the shoe is also important. An elevator shoe should have a raised flat sole as this assures more comfort to the user. Not only that; even soles also give the wearer a better walking posture.


Quality is another factor you should consider when choosing your elevator shoe. This is because nobody wants footwear that won’t last long. The best way to know quality footwear is by looking at how the manufacturers made it. You will have to inspect the way the shoe was constructed. Simply put; the method the manufacturers use in attaching the sole to the footwear’s body will determine how long it lasts.

There are three methods of footwear construction and they are; Cementing, Goodyear welting and Blake Welting. Shoe manufacturers that don’t care about the quality and longevity of shoes tend to use the cementing method. And it simply involves attaching the sole and the upper part of the shoe with adhesive. With this method, your shoe is more susceptible to falling apart and we’ll advise you not to go for elevator shoes made like this.

On the other hand, the Goodyear welting and Blake welting are the best methods of constructing shoes. The Blake Welting method involves using a machine to stitch the sole and the upper part of the shoe together from the inside. The last method manufacturers use in making shoes is the Goodyear welting method. This is the best method of making shoes which means when a shoe is made with this method; it will stand the test of time.


Finally, the design of the elevator shoe is something you should not take lightly. You should not just choose an elevator shoe because you want to look taller. Make sure the shoes look good too because good looking shoes tend to command respect for the wearer. Another important factor you must put into consideration is the shoe’s colour. Don’t just buy shoes for the sake of it. Also, make sure the elevator shoe you choose has the right colour that suits your wears.


You will agree with us that choosing the right elevator shoe for men is not something so difficult. If you follow our buying guide, we promise that you will go home with one of the best elevator shoes available.


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