What signs clash the most?

In popular astrology, you often hear people talking about the compatibility between their own sun sign and that of somebody else’s?
For example:

I’m a Gemini, but I really don’t get on with Scorpios. Ugh I hate them.

Being a Capricorn I am not supposed to get along with Aries, but Jason and I have been in a relationship for 12 years.

I’m a Virgo and I literally can’t stand anything to do Sagittarius.

So often I will get clients reaching out to me asking about who there are compatible with and who they should date. 

The truth is a little bit more complicated than simply assigning a bunch of signs with that of another, and saying from here on in. “you guys are good together don’t date outside of these signs”

I mean, that’s just seems dumb right?

So how do we get this?

Traditionally speaking, signs of the same modality, all have the strongest all connections, strong goods, and equally strong bad.  Signs that are squares to another tender have the strongest magnetism, and that magnetism worked on both polarities.

So, for example. The sign Aries, what have the biggest clashes with Capricorn and cancer, and is also likely to have a very intense relationship with that of Libra.

All four of the signs are known as the cardinal signs.  All four signs are initiators, and leaders in their own right.  The signs recognise this in each other and see that there is similar.  The conflicts arise in that the style in which these signs manifested their personalities are in conflicting styles with that of the other Cardinals, especially the square signs.  These clashes are often seen as the magnetism which can make or break a relationship.

On the light side of this energy, the same modal signs, recognise that they are a lie but their approaches are different and are willing to see the Woods from the trees.

On the shadow side of this energy, the conflicting styles jar with each other and intern create a lot of friction and tension, badly handled this friction intentional form the basis of classes which tend to form this incompatibility which people talk about in relationships with others.

The same would be said for the other moguls. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius And the same for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Now does that mean that these groups of signs are unable to get along? Of course not, in fact you’ll often find many couples dating signs within their own modality, because it’s that friction intention that bring the excitement and the energy which some people feel the need I have in their relationships

Also, when you’re talking about clashes in relationships, everything above that we have mentioned up to this point, is referring only to the relationship between the sun signs.  

Bearing in mind, that in every persons’ chart, you have to consider the two luminaries (sun and moon) and the eight planets, as Pluto Is still considered a planet in astrological terms.

So now working above Sunday Mercury where the classes are in a relationship become a little bit more complicated as there are many more moving parts.

The sun is considered the most important ingredients within our own making chart because it defines our ego our personality and our basic needs, and these are things we would react to the strongest when any kind of clash would occur.

Together for understanding of what classes might look like for you personally, you would need to have your birth to read by professional astrologer.

Terry O’Connor is a astrologer at astrology42.com


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