What Is Unique In Paytm Mall App

Paytm is an online e-commerce platform where the interested customers can buy from about 1 crore products in the store. The platform was started as a payment portal and e-wallet which could be used to store the money and used for the payment of goods and services such as electricity, telephone, and gas. Eventually, as the app gained popularity, they started with the Paytm mall which is a platform for the sellers to advertise their products. There are massive discounts in terms of cash back and the flat discounts available on different products all around the year.

There is a huge customer database which has been impressed with the services provided by the Paytm mall but at the same time, there is a smaller section which is largely disappointed due to a few mishaps during the delivery and the receiving of the product. Paytm mall has got mixed reviews from the customers due to the quality and the time is taken for the cashback as well. There are pros and cons of using the Paytm mall which we can later come to know after reading a few generalized views from the customers about the Paytm mall and its usefulness and credibility.

Range of products

If we are choosing an e-commerce website to purchase things for our daily requirement or for luxuries, we look for the selection available from the seller. Paytm mall has successfully added about 1 crore products on the platform using the Paytm mall. The customers can browse using the categories on the app based on the need of the products. Each category contains the products from the cheapest price to the highest price which can be filtered on the app itself. The quality of the products is different based on the seller and so are the sized and the shapes. The customers should read the refund and cancellation policies of the seller in order to make sure that if you do not like the product, you can send it back or not. The large selection of products gives the customers the freedom to choose from instead of compromising and that too, at an affordable price.


Purchasing from the e-commerce website has this disadvantage. The customer will have to wait for a few days before they get to use the product. When it comes to the other e-commerce websites, they have an option to get the product delivered on the same day. But, when it comes to the Paytm mall, you do not have that option, unfortunately. However, the product generally gets delivered in a week’s time. The delivery of the product is done by the courier companies that have collaborated with the mall and the care is taken such that the product does not get damaged during the transit. The packaging is done by the seller of the product themselves but the delivery is done by the courier companies. The delivery is secure. You can track the package on the map in the Paytm mall app itself. This will give you an idea about when the product will be delivered and what is the current status of the delivery.


The credibility of the products, when bought online, is a must. If you are going to a store to buy the product, you would get an assurance that the product is actually branded and you are not being made a fool of. Purchasing from a reputed market eliminates the possibility of getting a fake product. The products being sold in the Paytm mall are genuine most of the times. However, there are complaints which the customers have made about the fake products being delivered to them by the app. In such cases, the seller is the one who is supposed to be held responsible. When it comes to the credibility of the product, the seller has to deliver the genuine product and not the Paytm mall. Once the Paytm mall has been notified about such cases, the seller is blacklisted immediately by the company. The company does everything in their hands to provide the refund to the customer but it may not be possible in all the cases considering the terms and conditions provided by the app.


The major advantage of purchasing the products from the online platforms such as Paytm mall is that you can avail huge discounts on the products which you might not get otherwise. There are different coupons available for the Paytm mall app which you can use to avail of a different kind of discounts .for example, 30% of the price is returned to your Paytm wallet as a cashback. This amount, which is returned as the cashback, can be redeemed whenever and wherever you wish to. The amount does not have a specific deadline or the terms and conditions. The discounts offered by the Paytm mall are not for a particular time period. They are available all-round the year depending on the availability of the products too. These coupons can be found on various websites or on the Paytm mall app itself.

Customer care

This is the greatest virtue of any company. While purchasing the product or after the product is received, it is important for the company to provide assistance. Even when the product is in transit, the customer care should be present at all times to solve the queries of the buyer. The app has a 24 X 7 customer care desk which can be called at a toll-free number in case of doubts regarding the products, discounts, or any other queries. The customer care can also be accessed using the chatroom. There is an automatic response which is generated based on the most searched questions. If you do not get your answer using the chat room, you can talk to the Paytm mall executive too. All you need to do is, give the registered phone number and the product ID in case you have already placed an ordered. You can also review the customer service executive at the end of the call for better services in the future. 


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