What Are The Off springs Of Jackson Doing Right Now?

None can forget that day when the King of Pop left all his fans. Many children all over the world were left without a father. And, his three children lost their very dear father, Michael Jackson. Jackson passed away due to an overdose of medications which led to his untimely cardiac arrest. All we can say is let his soul rest in peace. But what about Jackson’s kids? Where are they today?

Michael Jackson has gifted the nation with three beautiful kids, a son and two daughters. Let’s take a sneak peek into their lives. After all, they are star kids! Why not learn a bit about their lives!

Michael Jackson’s Son Prince

Prince Michael Jackson was born by the name Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. His parentage is bestowed to Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. Of all the three, he is the eldest. He was just 12 when his dad passed away. So, to show a tribute to his legendary father, he got a tattoo on his leg of the iconic singer. Since his father’s death, Prince became a motorcycle enthusiast. If you are a bike lover, you can follow him on Instagram.

Michael Jackson and his kids shared an amicable relationship. To give you an excerpt of their relationship with their father, take a look at these words:

Prince told one time in an interview that My dad tolde to me like an adult talk. He told us the reasons for the masks were that he wanted us to have our own life without him.” He further said “I don’t think I ever thought about if others kids lived like when I was younger. But once I knew who he was, I realized it was not so normal.”

His Remaining Two Children

You might not know that Paris Jackson was one of the voices among the “Thriller” singers. Paris Michael Katherine Jackson now is a professional model, actor and social activist.

Lastly, Blanket is the youngest of all. She is a surrogated child. But her mother is still a hush-hush affair.


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