Weekly Horoscope 6 Aug To 12 Aug – What Your Destiny Says This Week


Horoscopes are named as the mirror to a person’s past, present, and future life. These horoscopes help in decipher challenges, unravel mysteries and unlock opportunities that are blocking the person’s way to success. Know your horoscope to overcome the challenges you might be facing.

Aries: (March 21–April 20)


The weekly horoscope for you predicts that it is finally the time to free yourself from all the responsibilities and just relax for a while with your partner. As this week the ruler of your zodiac sign, Mars is making a move in retrograde motion which may result in distractions. You can get injuries this week so stay safe.

Taurus: (April 21–May 21)


This week will be a little tough for you as Mercury is in retrogression which will act negatively for result oriented actions. If you are a businessman then it will be better if you plan out short travel trips as you need such a short-term break. This week you may also fall short of energy so as to achieve a consistent growth in your business you should take a methodical approach. It is advised that you refrain yourself from taking major financial decisions this week.

Gemini: (May 22–June 21)


The weekly horoscope for you predicts that this week is not good for investing in your business or on short business trips as there will be no benefits from them. However, you can get some really profitable business if you will try in the local market. Mars is making a move in retrograde motion right now and this may lead to tough times for the people who are hindering their career growth.

Cancer: (June 22–July 22)


Saturn has made a move in retrograde motion and is now positioned in your 7th house which will affect your work efficiency. This week only methodical and positive approach towards your work can help you in performing efficiently and getting successful. If you will stay determined and optimistic, nothing can stop you. Be careful about your health this week.

Leo: (July 23–August 23)


Mercury is in retrogression this week and this may hold you back on numerous occasions by putting difficult hurdles in your path. You will feel Monday blues and this may take you off the track which is not good for your occupational front. Stay safe as there are chances of unexpected injuries.

Virgo: (August 24–September 22)


Just like Leo, you will also feel Monday blues, but you need to stay focused on your work and get out of the weekend mood. Mercury is making a move in retrograde motion which is not good for you as it does not support result-oriented actions and it may also lead to gadget breakdowns. Don’t give up.

Libra: (September 23–October 23)


This week is going to be a lazy one for you. You will be in a mood to skip your responsibilities which is very unlikely for your usual self as you are an untidy person. By midweek, you will be back to work with a new zeal to achieve your objectives. Watch over your eating habits.

Scorpio: (October 24–November 22)


The weekly horposcope of Jupiter is well aligned for you which is good and favorable for your zodiac sign. This week some personal life situations may affect your work and the rude behavior or negligence of your other half may leave you upset.

Sagittarius: (November 23–December 21)


This week you will be suffering from Monday blues which will result in grumpiness. By Wednesday, you will come back into your shoes and take up your work-related responsibilities. Mercury is making a move in the retrograde motion that may affect your occupational front.

Capricorn: (December 22–January 20)


By the start of this week, you will still be in the weekend vibes by partying and clubbing with your friends and by neglecting your work. By Wednesday, you will get back into your shoes and will work day and night like a machine. Wait for the right time to get into a relationship.

Aquarius: (January 21–February 18)


This week things will return to its normal as the unfavorable planetary alignment will die down slowly. By midweek, you will be back to work with a new zeal to make it big. As Jupiter is in the favorable position, your financial front will be stable and you will be able to manage your expenses with ease.

Pisces: (February 19 – March 20)


As the moon is moving through your sign in opposition to Venus so you will have a lazy start to the week. You will feel like staying indoors and lazing around rather than going to work. Health issues are foreseen so pay some attention to yourself.


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