Weekly Horoscope – What Your Destiny Says About This Week

weekly horoscope

Horoscope is the interpretation of an astrologer. It is based upon solar system. Basically, it is a chart which contains the position of sun, moon, planets, angles and some aspects. Getting the nervousness about finding out the week will play out for you. Follow the horoscope and feel easy and free.

Aries: (March 21–April 20)


At the beginning of this week, it’s a good time to make new plans. Venus moves through your 8th house in Jupiter which expresses comforts and luxuries to you. Go and plan an eventful week. You may work from your comfort zone, either by home or in any café. You will take the things easy from now. In the middle of the week, Ganesha alerts you to be cautious because an argument can take an ugly turn and affect the peaceful environment.

Taurus: (April 21–May 21)


Due to the constant movement of the cosmic alignment, for the marital bliss, it may not fare well. The difference in the opinion with your partner may give rise to mental disturbance and affect the environment of your home. Whereas, the businessmen are likely to use the tactic and increase their sales. On the other hand, Mars will keep you energetic. Whereas, students shall pay attention to academics.

Gemini: (May 22–June 21)


At the beginning of the week, the new moon will support your plans. In this week, you will remain focused towards your goals. Venus moves into Scorpio, your 6th house and connects with the Jupiter. This will provide you with ease during your daily tasks. The matters of the money will sort in this week. Whereas paying attention towards your health.

Cancer:(June 22–July 22)


At the beginning of the week, the new moon signifies a new hope. Venus shifts into Scorpio and then join to the Jupiter through your 5th house. Both the planets will work to uplift you. This phase improves your lifestyle and may provide you with the circle to mingle. On the other hand, couples may face difficulties. Whereas this phase is highly rewarding for the students who are pursuing arts, commerce or higher studies.

Leo:(July 23–August 23)


It’s that time of the month when you become hopeful and energetic. This phase will keep you focused towards your goals. You will have a festive time with your loved one. During socialism, there is a chance for your meeting with a highly influential personality. On the other hand, take care of your well-being and safety.

Virgo: (August 24–September 23)


For the new beginnings, the evolution of the new moon brings hope and optimism. You may be busy in planning the week. The family is a sure shot indication of huge financial benefits. Your account balance is likely to swell and strengthen your financial position. This is a great time to spend quality time with family, assures Ganesha.

Libra: (September 24–October 23)


You may start the week with the new list of matters related to career and money at the top. You shall focus closely on your daily expenses. You will be happy to see your savings in your piggy bank. On the other hand, health hazards are indicated here for the diabetics. So follow your diet plan.

Scorpio: (October 24–November 23)


Because of the new moon, there are new aspirations and hopes. You may be occupied with chalking out a new to-do list. You will be able to carry out your expenses very smoothly due to your high living.

Sagittarius: (November 23–December 21)


Our personal relations requires attention to avoid to stretch the things too far. This is the perfect period to monitor on your finance and increase it. Ganesha advises you to be more careful related to money. Avoid planning major financial decision

Capricorn: (December 22–January 20)


New moon gives you a chance to move ahead. Venus opens all the doors to fulfill your wishes. You have an advantage of gaining the love and respect from the near and dear ones.

Aquarius: (January 21–February 18)


New moon can utilize for engraving out plan and set new goals. This is a good time to develop an approach towards your work. You may get tired so mars will motivate you and keep you energetic at the end of the week. This week, you will enjoy good health.

Pisces: (February 19 – March 20)

Weekly Horoscope Pisces

The new moon will push you to do a new project and assignment and also give you a new hope for your better future. It would be great for you if you save some amount of your money in your piggy bank.

This is all about your weekly horoscope. So feel free and easy after knowing one of yours.

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