Warning Signs Of An Unhealthy Spine

Although the spine is extremely important in keeping you upright and moving, most people forget how beneficial it is to daily life. The spine is part of the central nervous system, after all, and it is responsible for keeping the spinal cord, a long network of nerves and other cells that communicate with other regions of the body. When the spine is not working properly, the communication from the brain is hindered, and this can cause health problems.

That is why you need to take care of your spine. Here are 5 signs your spine may be unhealthy:

1. You Do Not Feel Well In General

Your spine is part of the central nervous system, so it plays a role in your overall health and wellness. Without a healthy spine, your immunity is going to be affected, and you will find that your resistance to illness drops. You will also feel much more fatigued, stressed, and tense. This additional stress on your body will lead to aches and pains that affect your sleep and in turn make you even more uncomfortable and anxious.

2. You Feel Like Both Sides of Your Body Are Uneven

Uneven shoulders, hips, and legs are all signs that you have abnormal curvatures or misalignments, also called subluxations, in the spine. Uneven hips are often discovered when you realize that the soles of your shoes wear awkwardly. You can even have someone check the length of your legs and where your hips are while laying down with shoes on. If your hips are not balanced or one leg is shorter than the other, you will see the discrepancy by the position of the shoes’ heels.

3. Your Feet Turn Outward or Inward While Walking

Do you have tight hips or painful knees? Glance down at your feet or foot prints when you walk. If your toes turn severely outward or rotate too far inward towards the center line, it points towards hip and spine subluxation. Duck-footed (outward rotation) and pigeon-footed (inward rotation) individuals often experience abnormal wear and tear of the knee and hip joints.

4. Your Body Has Unexplained Tension, Aches, and Pains

Pain is a message from the brain to the body (and to you) that something is wrong. Never ignore pains or soreness that is frequent and radiates from the same spot. Headaches, back pain, neck pain, soreness in the joints, and other tender spots around joints are signs that you could have misalignments of the spine.

5. You Cannot Take A Deep Breath

When the curves of the spine shift, you could experience restrictions in movement that are painful and distract from daily life. One of those issues is being unable to take a deep breath. This stems from an affected thoracic spine scrunching up the torso and limiting lung function. You are then unable to take a deep breath.

Do you think you have a healthy spine?  If you feel that you need to improve your posture or want to get rid of some unwanted tension, visit the local chiropractor for a spinal health check. After all, you need decent posture to live a healthy and active life.


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