Vitamins and supplements help you improve blood flow – the study says

Are you facing issues with respect to the proper blood flow? Studies have indicated that the multivitamin supplements and other nutritional supplements tend to offer good performance in helping you improve the blood flow to a considerable extent.

Some of the supplements that studies conducted recently have proved to have positive effects on your blood flow, and overall good health would include the following –


Your body needs iron for making hemoglobin, which is one of the most important ingredients of blood. Iron is also one of the important ingredients that help make myoglobin that assists carrying oxygen to the bodily organs. Adults are advised to consume a minimum of 45 mg of iron per day. Do note that too much iron intake can induce issues such as vomiting and fainting.

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins like Vitamin B3 can help improve blood circulation in many ways. It improves blood vessel functionality. It can also be helpful in reducing the bad cholesterol from the blood vessels, thereby aiding a smoother flow of blood through the vessels. The vitamins also assume a major role in reducing the inflammation in the blood vessels. Ensure that you are opting for the right type of multivitamin supplements. GNLD Neolife vitamins can be one of the good examples for a proper and good option for the best in terms of multivitamin and other nutritional supplements.

Omega-3 fatty acids

The Omega-3 fatty acids tend to improve the blood flow as they release the nitric oxide into the bloodstream. The nitric oxide is known to relax the blood vessels and reduce the constrictions if any to the proper blood flow. An adult person is expected to take 3 g per day of EPA and DHA combined. This includes dietary sources and additional supplements.


This is yet another important constituent of your food that helps you improve the blood flow. The constituent is found in the hot peppers and has been found to improve the blood flow to a better extent. It lowers the blood pressure and reduces the levels of cholesterol in the blood flow. While people consume it in the form of supplements, it may also be obtained through several peppers. Do note that the heavy dose of Capsaicin can cause issues like stomach pain, burning sensations, and nausea.

Do the supplements work?

Well, yes. They do work effectively, but you should ensure that you need to be careful enough with the dosage of the multivitamin supplements. Eating vitamin-rich food is the right way to achieve the best option. However, if your food does not provide you enough of the elements, you may need to go with the multivitamin supplements or other nutritional supplements.

While the FDA does not regulate these supplement, it would be important on your part to opt for proper precautions and buy only from the reputable brands.


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