US Mid-Terms Elections: Can we tell whether Democrats will win this time?

US Mid-Terms Elections

Democrats have many reasons to be optimistic in the 2018 midterms. The US mid-term campaign season is entering the home stretch and just two weeks away. After a tough few months, the whole attention is turning to how these will impact the rest of Donald Trump’s presidency. Can Democrats win enough seats to take back legislative power?  Because in the current scenario, the Republican is holding control of both chambers of Congress. If the Democrats take back control of the house, it could hugely affect what Donald Trump can do for the final two years of his tenure. The results will hugely influence economic and regulatory policies, investigations into administration scandals, and the possibility that Trump will be impeached and lots more. So surely, this election is going to be very important. Let’s see who’s is going to win the Us Mid-Terms Elections.

On the other side, Democrats are equally confident of winning Congress in the November 6 mid-term elections.


A Brief overview of the US Mid-Terms Elections Process

US Mid-terms elections will be held on November 6. 2018 in different states of America. In the battle of the house, which is the lower chamber of Congress, all the 435 seats are up for the election and 218 seats will be needed to take charge of the house. In the current time, Democrats are holding the 196 seats whereas Republican is at 240 seats with the power. Democrats will need only 24 seats to gain the power in the house but it will completely depend on the voter’s turnout.

In the Senate, only 35 out of total 100 seats are open for election. The winning candidate of the Senate will serve six-year terms. Let’s see who’s is going to win the Us Mid-Terms Elections.

So Let Us Talk About The Wave

Republican Vs Democrat

As we talked about Democrats win will directly impact the president’s ability to advance his political agenda. This mid-term election results will reshape the national political map of the country. These elections are said to be a referendum on the incumbent president. When the popularity of the president is low, voters take out their frustration on their party of the Congress. On the contrary, if the president is riding high or largely popular among the public, the party is rewarded.

According to a poll survey done by A Wall Street Journal, more than 50 percent of likely voters prefer Democrats, while 41 percent prefer Republican control. There are pretty good chances for the Democrats to gain some ground in the house. The blue wave of Democratic gains in the House in 2018 now is running into a tide of uncertainty that has been created with a surge of Republican intensity.

Although Democrats are more way forward in the national poll overall, their advantage has almost vanished in the House districts that matter the most in the election. To tackle this issue, Democrats are hoping to capture four Republican-held seats in Texas and Tennessee. Let’s see who’s is going to win the Us Mid-Terms Elections.

Trump’s Take On Democrats!

Tump Vs Democrats US Mid-Terms Elections Win

Donald Trump is considered the most furious and unpredictable politician in American political history. In a political promotion rally, he said: “All the Democrats want is power”. On the new immigration policy, he said if the Democrats would stop being obstructionist and come together, we could write up and agree to new immigration laws in less than one hour. He talked about the negative effect of illegal immigration that is happening in America and he invited to top Senate Democrats Check Schumer of New York and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California for the discussion on the issue.


The battlefield for this 2018 mid-term election is not going to be very easy for the Democrats. The map is tilted toward Republicans and numbers are also in the favor of them. Democrats need to over perform to compete when district voters are 8 points more Republican than the country as a whole in this important elections. On the economic point, Donald Trump and his party are pushing the economic numbers as a reason why they deserve another two years of unified control in Washington. But history shows, a growing economy is no guarantee of success for the presidential party.

According to the latest statement issued by the Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, he said there was 66 percent chance that the Democrats would take the House in November’s midterm elections. Let’s see who’s is going to win the Us Mid-Terms Elections.


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