Top Rumours Of Wrestlemania 34 Which Could Come True

Back in Wrestlemania 31 when the famous UFC star Ronda Rousey stepped in the ring to join The Rock, everyone thought that they did not have to wait for three years to see the UFC star in action in WWE. Back then it seems quite possible for Rousey to wrestle in a Mania or probably SummerSlam of that year. But the wait has been quite a long one. Ronda seizing Stephanie in her arm and make the Raw Commissioner tap out is the only thing people imagined for a satisfying conclusion.

Wrestlemania 34 Rumours And The Chances of Them Coming True

Since it is Wrestlemania, everything is possible in the show. You just have to be positive about everything. Many have a fear that their worst nightmare might come true this Wrestlemania.  Below here are some top rumors of Wrestlemania 34 which come true.

The Battle Royal Eating Up Time On Main Card: People are worried about the fact that both the Women’s and the Andre The Giant Battle Royal might eat much of the show’s time. One battle is enough for the pay-per-view but people are scared that there might be two. Battle royals are not those interesting ones for the live crowds as well the commentators as the bodies flying all over a ring they cannot keep up with the action every time. However, if WWE is smart then the battle might be shorter.

The Bar Might Lose Their Title:

After sticking around for around two years, Cesaro and Sheamus have given their all to become a kick-ass tag team The Bar. The tag team is assumed to take on the unstoppable monster Braun. Braun has challenged The Bar for the tag team titles and it has not been decided yet, who will join Braun. A Braun victory or non-finish match sounds appropriate. But this might lead to the split up Sheamus and Cesaro after the pay per view.

Numerous Female Matches Might Ruin Importance Of Title Match: It is estimated that there might be at least five matches of women. Doing this the company is running the risk of making the title match boring and if the title match between Asuka and Charlotte fair gets the spot right before the main event then it might be like adding fuel to the fire. There are maximum chances that the prediction might come to be true. May matches mean less time and this might hurt the ability for them to make an impact on mania. 

Undertaker Struggling His Way Through Another Match:

Wrestlemania 34 was quite painful for those who have seen The Undertaker at his best.  The icon who had given so much to WWE seemed like an old, broken and fragile man and struggled a lot to make headliner of Wrestlemania 33.  It will be cruel for us to expect Taker to wrestle again this time. Taker has aged considerably in the past few years and has not that ability to perform a 30-minute classic like he used to do. But it depends on the type of match that the company demands from Taker. The back and forth match with Roman was a disaster.

So, the above points mentioned were few of the rumors about the pay per view event which might come to be true. We don’t know who or what will surprise us this Wrestlemania.


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