Top 7 Bad Boys Of Hollywood

Well, all of us know what kind of enchanting and exhilarating thrill any bad boy can bring to a girl. They have that special ability and charm which can flatter any girl to extraordinary orbits. Turning the whole scenario to Hollywood, bad boys are almost everywhere. Just by waving hands once and millions of their female fans will come crying to catch a glimpse of such individuals.

The Bad Boys!

Don’t know the top 7 bad boys of Hollywood? Not to worry. Unwrapping it here one by one.

1. Will Smith

Famously known for the Men in Black Role, Will Smith has gathered tons of female fans from all over the globe. He is an actor, producer, songwriter and more of that, a bad guy with an elegance and charm all over. He made his debut from television and as of now, he is ruling the Hollywood industry and is indeed the number one bad guy in such industry.

2. Sean Penn

Do you know the actor in the Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Well, if yes then you will remember the iconic bad boy role of Sean Penn. As a person, he has versatile capabilities such as an actor, politician, film director. In achievements, he has won two academy awards for his roles such as the biopic Milk and the Mystic River.

3. Joe Pantoliano

Joseph Peter often known as Joe is an American Actor and one of the coolest bad boys you can ever come across. He is well known for his roles such as the Ralph Cifaretto right on the Sopranos, Cyber in the Matrix and tons of roles. Each role, he did with an absolute level of perfection.

4. Kevin Corrigan

Know the person who did the lead role in “Uncle Eddie”. Well, Kevin Corrigan is the name among other actors which is known because of his bad nature and altogether, a brilliant acting skill. Mostly, he has appeared in independent films and has contributed his major talent in the television industry too.

5. Kim Coates

Well, Kim Coates is without any doubt a versatile actor. He has worked in films of Canada as well as American. Right in the very beginning, he has worked in television series and his role was highly appreciated by fans all over the world. Further, his role in Bad Boys was the one which made him the bad boy icon in the Hollywood industry.

6. Martin Lawrence

Coming to fame right in the 1990’s, Martin Lawrence is a well known American actor who has appeared in several films. Given the image of a bad boy, he is also a comedian and does acting to a level par excellence. Since 1990’s, he has established himself as a successful Hollywood actor and is still on the road of glory.

7. Michael Imperioli

A well-known actor in the role of Christopher Moltisanti, Michael Imperioli is one of those actors, who is well known for his finest acting. He has also won the Primetime Emmy Award which was inevitably a great achievement for him altogether.

Well, saw the top 7 bad boys of Hollywood and eager to adapt their style? There is no stopping for you, in any case, to visualize them and become like one of them.


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