The turbulences and struggles by the Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenneris presently known as Caitlyn Marie Jennerand he is an American TV personality. He was born and brought up in the USA. He was a football player in his college and he played for the Graceland Yellowjackets. During one of the matches he incurred a knee injury and has to undergo surgery which stopped Bruce Jenner Olympicsin its tracks. L. D. Weldon, the coach of decathlete Jack Parker afterwards convinced Jenner to try out for decathlon. Bruce Jenner Olympics 1976 victory was a huge feat for him. He went through intense training and won the winner’s trophy at the Montreal Olympic Games. BruceJennerOlympics win gave him the status of an American Hero. Jenner Olympics run did not end at one win and he won three successive world records. He had the unofficial title of “world’s greatest athlete” which is given to any winner of decathlon.

Bruce Jenner becoming woman

CaitlynJenner Olympics was not the only thing that made news around the world. Bruce Jenner becoming womanin the year 2015 was really controversial and shocked the fans around the world. BruceCaitlynJennerhas since then become a symbol of hope to the transgender, queer, bisexual and homosexual community.

BruceJenner Caitlyn has proclaimed that she had suffered from gender dysphoria since the youth and being woman has made her feel liberated. CaitlynJenner woman has inspired the community around the world and she is still continuing to inspire her fans around the world.


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