The Story of Oxford Sweaters

The Oxford Mills name is instantly recognized as one of the oldest suppliers of high-quality knitwear in Pakistan. For generations, Oxford has sold genuine LambsWool sweaters for both men and women. They pride themselves in importing the best quality woolen thread for all their classic designs. The men’s winter collection includes the iconic sleeveless sweater and full sleeves sweater worn by professionals under suits and over shalwarkameez. 

Colorful cardigans and pullovers are new editions

Their colorful cardigans and pullovers are new editions that help Oxford remain relevant in today’s market. They also house knitwear for females that have running cables and soft neutral colors in 100% Lambs Wool quality. The updated dressy sweaters are more colourful in various styles from long-coat, sleeveless and full sleeves, they have beads, embellishments and thread work so that ladies can wear them with shalwarkameez. 

The modern combination sweaters are made from Super Lambs Wool and Acrylic Wool blends, these have contrasting colour designs incorporated into the front of the sweaters. The new zippers and standing collar additions help Oxford reinvent the original classic sweater design to accommodate the younger consumer demographic. The Wool Blend Design Zipper is an updated design that takes the rich high quality of wool that keeps the body warm without compromising on the style. These sweaters can be worn on several occasions from professional, formal and dinner dates. 

Oxford understands how to help accessorize gentlemen’s suiting by creating clothing that can be worn under knitwear and during other seasons. They have a summer collection of t-shirts, formal shirts, casual shirts, shalwarkurta and bottoms. Their jackets are functional and simple with an easy zip-up style and essential pockets.

The color palette and selection of shades by Oxford are somewhat conservative neutrals and darks. Recently they have started releasing more teals, blues, greens and purples in their collection for young men and women. These more modern attempts are usually in mixed blends and softer acrylic wool designs. They are for the younger generation that would like to update their wardrobe more frequently but they still stock their staple Lambs Wool sweaters as those designs are timeless. You can check black Friday deals on oxford sweaters collection online 2019 now.

They have other collections that include Kids wear that has cotton polo t-shirts in various colors at affordable prices. A few options for belts to match with their bottoms collection. Their Lambs Wool Caps and Mufflers are high quality and great for keeping warm during cold nights. They also sell several shades of Merino Wool Socks in free-size for men. The Oxford fashion house is evolving with the times by launching various collections but is focused on maintaining the high-quality Lambs Wool items as they can be worn a large demographic in both men and women. 

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