The Reviews are in on CoolSculpting!

You’ve probably heard of the new body fat treatment of CoolSculpting. If you haven’t: CoolSculpting is the elimination of fat cells through the use of cryo-treatment. This new technology freezes fat and then allows your body to simply break it down and eliminate it from your system.

You know what it is, you say, but what have regular people, like me, have had to say about it? The reviews are mostly positive. Before we start, always keep in mind that there are trolls in every pile of reviews and that these are a general indicator of the results, but not a study. Having said that, here is what the results of the reviews are:

According to one site, seventy-eight percent of those who underwent the procedure were satisfied with the results. Of the other twenty-two percent, half were uncertain as to whether or not the procedure worked. The other half said that they weren’t satisfied with the results. By any measure, this high result of satisfied clients does indicate that there is something to the procedure.

Another company reported that they also looked in the satisfaction of their clients. Their findings were based on both male and female clients who had sought the CoolSculpting treatment. Among those asked, one mother reported that it helped her to reduce the belly fat still sticking around after her pregnancy.

One middle-aged male said that he was experiencing problems with developing a double-chin. His opinion was that he was already starting to see results shortly after the procedure was done.

A Canadian client stated that the treatment was effective for her and that she only experienced a little discomfort after the procedure in the form of a little bit of numbness in the affected area.

A first time user of CoolSculpting opined that, despite trying hard to work off belly fat, nothing was effective. By week three this lady was loving the way her clothes fit her and that any numbness or lingering pain was gone.

Another client first looked into liposuction, but saw it as too expensive and she also didn’t like the length of time she had to take for recovery. This client also complained that she would have to wear a compression garment for quite some time, furthering her reluctance to get liposuction surgery. She instead chose to try CoolSculpting and said that she did experience some pain afterwards, but that once she saw the results, this lady decided to return and get treatment for additional areas!

There are, of course, warnings that people looking into CoolSculpting should not see it as a method of fast weight-loss, but generally, there was a good deal of satisfaction with treating specific areas of the body.

So, there you have it. The results are in and they are very positive! As always, if you are looking to have any cosmetic procedure done, check in with your doctor to discuss your preferred treatment and see if it is right for you.


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