The Outspoken Songs Of Madonna

Have you seen a wonder woman? If not, check out Madonna. Not only is she a singer, but also a songwriter, actress and a successful business-woman. Well, you can say an all-rounder. Known as the “Queen of Pop”, Madonna is acclaimed for bringing a shift from lyric-based songs to mainstream popular music. She was the one to bring a different kind of visionary in music videos and in live performances on stage. Just take a look at Madonna’s music songs at a glance.

Madonna’s Hit Numbers

Right from her debut in 1982, Madonna went on contributing to the music industry. She began with her single ‘Everybody’ and is still working on some eccentric notes. Let’s take a look at Madonna’s old songs and gradually come down to Madonna’s new songs.

  • Justify My Love – through this album, Madonna spoke about masochism. It can be called an ode to sadomasochism. The 1990 album is mesmerizing to hear and quite alluring.
  • Borderline – previously, the songs of this album released as singles. Later on, they were blockbuster hits. No other tracks of Madonna are as masculine as the ones in this album. You can feel the pain in every word she utters. Yet, the tracks are playful.
  • Material Girl – this one is the most favourite of all teenage boys and girls. With this song she achieved a nickname. Listening to this album you will understand how beautifully she manages to criticize the superficial cultures that we live in. You can call this an exact photocopy of the present world.
  • Papa Don’t Preach – again a song much ahead of time, it holds the story of a daughter’s unplanned pregnancy that she confesses her father. Eventually, the father looks at upon her. With this song, Madonna took her baby steps to more mature themes.
  • Ray of Light – with the birth of her daughter, Madonna released ‘ray of light’. It won two Grammy awards.


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