The new madness of Justin Bieber leaves his fans speechless


His life took a 360-degree turn after his break up with Selena Gomez, but it seems that Justin Bieber is starting to be the guy that millions of fans from around the world fell flat. After a complicated period, the singer had to cancel his world tour Purpose in order to recover and to take forces. And what better than a good dose of ink on your body to recharge batteries and get good.

The interpreter of “Love yourself” shocked his fans this weekend by showing the impressive tattoo on the torso and abdomen. The 23-year-old has covered his stomach and part of his pecs with a spectacular new design by Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, a New York ink artist who works with celebrities.

Both the creator and the tattooed published several photos of the impressive work of art sculpted in the skin of the interpreter. The detailed design took 26 hours to be divided into three days. “Justin Bieber, thank you for the trust,” wrote the author. “26 hours in three days is the most I’ve ever tattooed anyone in my 13-year career. You are as hard as steel! “Continues his message.
That tattoo again does not surprise anyone because Justin already has about sixty tattoos on his skin. Now he has taken the turn to a somewhat more dramatic piece consisting of gargoyles, skeletons and bows.

This new drawing is connected with those previously tattooed on their pectorals and includes, among other things, the head of a lion, a bear (each on a breast), a Gothic cross and, in homage to his mother, the year 1975 in Roman numerals. As expected, the comments have been to all tastes.

“The tattoos of Justin Bieber, my God, I do not know what they mean but they look horrible,” wrote a fan on Twitter. “I do not understand why everyone is overacting. Yes, Justin has covered his torso with tattoos but he likes it, so he closes his mouth, “added an advocate for the artist. They are more neutral and respectful. “I do not like it either, but it’s his body and his decision should be respected,” concludes another.

With this tattoo begins a cycle in which according to many, Justin is again the charming man as always, because the road he was wearing did not seem to be too good. “It did not look good,” a witness told PEOPLE magazine about his behavior on the tour that had to be canceled.

But the thing is changing direction and that is good. “You can talk to him and you realize that old Justin is back. He looks happier, more energetic. It is motivating. It still lacks a bit more, but it’s on the way, “continues the source.

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