The Most Famous Plastic Surgeons. Listed by Body Part!

Plastic surgery is no longer a taboo subject, but rather something somewhat familiar in today’s day and age. Where it all used to be very hush-hush, is now an open subject, although you will always get the “ones” that will deny they had anything done when it is so evident that they have.

From Botox to butt lifts, cosmetic surgery is available for everyone, and you will be sure to find someone willing to do it for you, however dire the consequences might be.

Always do your research and find a reputable plastic surgeon that is going, to be honest with you and not make you look like Barbie or Ken because you have asked to look like him her.

Let’s have a look at a few cosmetic procedures and some information about a famous plastic surgeon or two.

Nose Job – Paul Nassif

The medical terminology for this is Rhinoplasty. If you feel you have a wonky nose of some kind and you feel like it needs fixing. The most famous plastic surgeon that specializes in Rhinoplasty is Paul Nassif. You may have seen him on the TV program “Botched.” He deals with facial plastic surgery, but noses are his thing.

It is a complicated procedure, and the last thing you want to do is end up looking like Michael Jackson. One celebrity that has had a nose job is Friends actress Jennifer Aniston. If I wanted to get something done, I would go for the au naturel look.

Terry Dubrow seems like the most helpful kindest surgeon on the television. He is always very informative and him and his partner in crime Dr. Paul Nassif (Botched), are still such a hoot to watch, but at the same time can be severe when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of what they will and will not do.  You can feel at ease when going under the knife with this man.

Fun fact: John Orlando Roe (1848–1915) performed the first Rhinoplasty operation way back in 1887.

Liposuction – Sheila Nazarian

Not sure, I would like the idea of this. Some weird probe is digging out the fat in my body. Somebody who knows how to do this procedure and put you at ease is Sheila Nazarian MD of nazarianplasticsurgery. Although with quite an invasive procedure, the recovery time can be a lengthy one. 

Sometimes up to two weeks, and it might be months before you will see the result. You will need patience with having this procedure. Something I don’t have! Sheila Nazarian MD is a renowned plastic surgeon, and if you feel uncomfortable going to a male surgeon, Sheila might be the plastic surgeon for you.

Sheila Nazarian MD MMM- is at the top of her game. In a predominantly male occupation, and she is one who can hold her own in today’s society.


There are plenty of these options around, but the three most popular on the market are:

Botox & Fillers. The general understanding of Botox & fillers is that they are both used to get rid of those “ghastly” wrinkles! 

With Botox, they inject you with a chemical called botulinum toxin & with the fillers they use collagen, which plumps up your face to give you a more youthful appearance. Which is best you may ask? It really depends on what you’re looking for Botox versus Fillers each have their own benefits and disadvantages!

FACE LIFT – Robert Ray

A Face Lift is one of the procedures well established Dr. Robert Ray, would perform. He had a hit TV show called Dr 90210. Life inside and out of the office makes excellent viewing. It gives us great insight into the life of a high-profile surgeon. 

When your name Is Dr. Robert Ray, you know you have made it in the world of plastic surgery! Facelifts can take anything from 1 to 8 hours, dependent on how much work you are getting done.

A Breast Augmentation (“Boob Job”) or Breast Reduction – Dr. Krishna S. Dash

A surgical procedure that we have done when we want to make our bust bigger or smaller. To make your breasts bigger, they implant sacs filled with saline or silicone, and the size of them will all depend on what size you want.

At Colorado Springs’ Institute of Plastic Surgery, you can find options for breast augmentation and reduction.  Augmentation can improve the size and shape of the breasts. Dr. Dash provides in-depth consultations to help you decide what type and size implants will work best for you.

For patients wanting to reduce their bra size, breast reductions are also available.  Back pain, irritation, and overall discomfort are some of the common reasons women seek a breast reduction.  Candidates for reduction may also opt for a breast lift at the same time as the reduction procedure. Doing so provides solutions to extra skin and sagging that often accompany large breasts.

Fun Fact: the biggest fake boobs are a size 32Z and weigh a staggering 20 pounds each! Surely this is unhealthy and would give you ongoing back pain due to the added weight.


All mommies out here can understand this one. Most of us that have children, (except for the lucky ones), end up with our stomachs going South. That feeling of wanting to put on that stunning bikini you have purchased for your summer vacation is tempered by what we look like sometimes.

All of us can embrace our flaws and want to get the excess fat removed. Dr. Garth Fisher is another top surgeon in Beverly Hills.  He specializes in a variety of procedures, including mommy makeovers.

BUTT LIFT – Otto Placik

We are heading over to the heart of bottoms. Brazil. We all want the perfect peachy bottom. The Brazilian bottom is something to be desired, and fuels a hunger for the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure in Western cultures. But this is considered one of the riskiest surgical procedures currently available, and quite a few people have lost their lives due to this procedure.

Many top surgeons step away from providing this procedure, which sets off the warning bells ringing. The recovery time is also super long 3-4 weeks, and I am sure you can’t sleep on it for some time. For anyone who can’t sleep on their fronts, this procedure may not be for you.

Dr. Otto Placik of Chicago, Illinois, can evaluate if you’re a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift.  The procedure involves taking fat from one part of the body, and moving it to the rear end. Unlike butt implants, this fat relocation technique carries less risks, and less likelihood of rejection by the body.  Dr. Placik is one of the top surgeons in the Midwest for individuals seeking to contour and augment their derriere.

Fun Fact: The most prolonged surgery is thought to be 96 hours, and it was performed to remove a cyst. This procedure started on the 4th of February and ended on the 8th of February 1951.


The question we must ask ourselves is …, is it all worth it? For some people, it is, and it is not something that I can judge. If you are not happy with yourself, why not try and improve? If there are surgeons out there, that are amazing at their craft, then why not let them help you better yourself? 

In some instances, plastic surgeons are changing people’s lives. Dr. Obeng, who starred in the Second Wives Club, is now on the wealthiest top 20 plastic surgeons list. He spends a lot of his time traveling back to underprivileged areas and helping people that are less fortunate than himself.

Plastic surgery is not always about plump lips and enhanced bosoms but instead helping people with their insecurities and self-esteem. We like to look at celebrities that have had work done, and those that have gone wrong. 

One thing I will never understand is why plastic surgeons are allowed to take things so far…. Might make an interesting topic for a talk show…. Dr. Phil, I feel this might be a good one for you! Surely, somebody needs to say, “that’s enough?” 

Some people have gone as far as to have ribs removed to have a smaller waist. Men having pieces implanted in their stomachs for a six-pack? Surely doing some sit-ups could be a less invasive way to get the washboard stomach you so desire? I am not one to judge, more just food for thought!

We can’t all live in Beverly Hills, and our bank accounts might not stretch to having a famous cosmetic plastic surgeon in the world work on our bodies, but this does not mean we can’t have our “bits” fixed.  Just because they have not been on TV and don’t live in LA, does not mean they can’t help you. Make sure you visit a few surgeons and go with who you feel most comfortable. 

Having any procedures done has its risks, and we all must make an informed choice before entering such a drastic decision.

Plastic surgery can be such a beautiful thing, and I am sure it has helped many people around the world with their confidence and made them feel more like themselves. Don’t take things too far; you don’t want to end up with a “Trout Pout”!


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