The Importance of Attractive Favicon for Your Website

Creating a brand and constructing its image are two very different things. It is not easy to make people remember your brand. With so much competition between companies and some of them even having similar names, it is quite hard to create brand recognition. Investing finances is not always the best solution. The techniques being used for brand promotion matter a lot. If you are not using the correct methods to promote the brand, it would not be possible for people to remember it.  Now the webmasters normally use favicon generator tool to prepare attractive favicon for their site.

Marketing and promotion methods have evolved on a 360 degree scale. Today, you do not see pamphlets and physical brochures being used for brand promotion. Digital marketing is the talk of today and successful brands are using top notch methods to make a name.

Why should you use a favicon?

It is a psychological fact that people remember things easily when they view it multiple times during the day. The concept of a favicon is somewhat similar. What is a favicon? A favicon is tiny image the brand which appears on the browser tab. Websites that have favicons are much easier to remember for the user. As they have a unique image on the browser tab.

  • The favicon generator is used to produce a favicon from the source image. A brand uploads an image from which the favicon has to be generated. What is the purpose of a favicon and how does it help the user? Most users have a habit of handling multiple website tabs at the same time. When you have to switch between tabs, it becomes hard when you do not have favicons for each website.
  • A favicon helps you in remembering a brand easily. However, it is important that the correct guidelines are used to create a favicon and use it. For instance, selecting the correct image is very important. An incorrect image can spoil the impression of the favicon in a complete manner.

Best tips for favicon creation

As it is mentioned above, following the correct tips for favicon creation are important. Some brand owners select a random image and generate a favicon from it. This is obviously not the correct way to accomplish this task. First of all, select an image which is suitable for favicons. It should be simple and not complex in terms of design. Considering the size which a favicon has, a complex design would do nothing but cause confusion for the viewer.

  • Select a simple image because a favicon is used for nothing else but recognizing the brand. Thus, it is always preferable that the image is simple and easily recognizable. Complex images are hard to remember.
  • The background colour of the favicon is a key parameter as well. If the favicon background colour is similar to the background shade of the browser tab, people would not be able to differentiate between the two. In other words, someone viewing the favicon would feel that it is the part of the browser tab.

The process of using a favicon generator

Favicon generator tools are very simple to use and most users do not require any assistance to use them. By following few simple steps, you can generate the favicon without going through any ambiguity.

  • First of all, selecting a good favicon tool is important. With so many similar tools present on the internet, picking the correct one is not that easy. Check the reputation of the tool before you start using. Once you have selected the tool, you can proceed to the next step.
  • In this step, you have to browse the image which has been finalized for favicon generation. Once the image has been selected, you can create the favicon using the tool. In the end, simply add the produced code to the system root directory.

The best way to strengthen brand reputation

It is not easy to construct the reputation of a brand. If you are using the correct methods that can make an impact, customers would be inclined towards considering them. However, before you expect customers to prefer you over other brands, a bigger challenge is creating a strong digital presence.

  • Most users make bookmarks of the websites which they visit on frequent basis. In this way, they do not have to type the full HTTP address in the search bar. A favicon helps in creating an attractive book mark. Users can simply view the book mark and determine which website it belongs to. In a nutshell, favicons help in website identification. As it is mentioned above, favicons appear on the browser tab.  Thus, if you are working on a professional assignment and personal task at the same time, viewing favicons would assist you in switching from one tab to the other.
  • Favicon is a strong component of successful digital marketing. In the present competitiveness, any technique which can be used to create an impact in the mind of the user should be used.


The face of marketing has changed drastically over the period of time. Today, the methods used for brand marketing were not even imagined five years back. Using a favicon is a very strong brand marketing method. If a customer is recognizing a website only by looking at the tab, he would start remembering it. In addition to that, this is when you can expect people to visit your website on more frequent basis.

To create the maximum impact through a favicon, following the recommended guidelines is important. One of them is using the correct image. Select one that is clear and does not have a complex structure. This would obviously be a benefit for the user. Complex images are hard to view as well as remember. If a company has an easy logo, you would be able to recognize it wherever you view it. Thus, the simplicity of the favicon image is quite important. Once the favicon has been generated, make sure that the produced code has been saved in the correct directory. If you save it in the an incorrect repository, it would not appear on the browser tab.


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