The Harry Potter Movies And The Magic That Lived!

There is completely no doubt in the fact that Harry Potter is one of the most famous series of books and movies ever made. People all over the world are absolutely crazy about it and rightly so! The books and the movies definitely have managed to set different levels of expectations for us! And have managed to excel in each and every one of those. The harry potter movie actors definitely have become one of the most important part of our life and we can hardly get over with them.

Harry Potter stars then and now:

The entire cast and harry potter movie series casthas been a part of our life is just like the books have made their way onto our bookshelf. Let us have a look of what the stars are doing right now:

Daniel Radcliffe

AKA the boy who lived, AKA Harry Potter himself has moved over his Harry Potter days and has been into a lot many movies ever since. Of course no matter what he does he cannot leave the Harry Potter tag to his name out, neither does he want to.

Rupert grint

The best friend to Harry, Ron Weasley cannot be forgotten very easily. Rupert wants to make sure that he keeps off with his acting career and has moved on to Broadway rather than on films.

Emma Watson:

Hermione Granger is exactly who get a boys gang in shape. Not to forget she was a part of it too. Emma Watson who portrayed her definitely made it big in the world of films and has been in some of the most popular that people can come across with.

Tom Felton

You can hate Draco Malfoy but you can certainly not hate Tom Felton. Though after the Harry Potter movies he still went on to play antagonist in many films like the Rise of the Planet of the Apes and also he portrayed as one of the best villains in the TV series of flash.

The other harry potter characters actors of the movies are equally important and they really made it big in their own life as well as the various other parts of the entertainment industry.


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