The Famous Songs and Albums of Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias songshave made him a famous name all over the world and he is widely known as the King of Latin Pop. The Enrique Iglesias songs started to win hearts in the 1990s when the singer released his first album. He has had an illustrious career ever since his first song came into the music scene.

New album

By the year 2001, Latin music got huge popularity in the world market and it was then that Enrique Iglesias new album called Escape came into the music scene. This album had his most famous single till date called ‘Hero’ and this entire album was co-written by Enrique. Escape also happens to be his most successful album till date. Another Enrique Iglesias new cd named ‘Quizas’released in the year 2002. All the Enrique Iglesias new single that this album had sounded more polished than any of his previous works.

New music

After this particular album, he took a break of two years before releasing Enrique new albumnamed Insomniac on 12 June 2007. This Enrique Iglesias new music album was named so because most of the work on the album was recorded at night. The Enrique Iglesias new song album called Euphoria also came out in the year 2010.Enrique new song was also there in his last album named Sex and Love. Enrique Iglesias new creations have always made waves in the music scenario of the world.


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