The Catwoman of Gotham, Camren Bicondova

Camren Bicondova is a television star and a model who has recently appeared as Catwoman in the television series, Gotham. Camren is now just 15 years old and has already made a huge debut in the industry with Catwoman. Gotham Selina Kyle mother said she got super excited when the news arrived that she will be playing the role of Catwoman in the Fox series Gotham.

Selina Kyle on Gothamand the love story between the two is said to be pretty unhealthy, and she guesses that they will never be together. Selina in Gotham is a Catwoman who wears a leather jacket and helps Batman to fight crime. She is extremely fit and an excellent burglar.

Selina Kyle Gotham

Selina Kyle Gotham is now one of the most favourite characters in the young age? Despite her young age, she has excellently played the role of Selina Gotham. Due to her excellent acting skills, she has secured a place in the upcoming DC movies. Over the years, it is believed that she will play the role of Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movies or other DC series. Selina on Gotham has played a key role. Her excellent fitness and great acting skill have fuelled up the series.

Selina Kyle mom Gotham is extremely proud of her, and she believes that down the road, her daughter will be the face of DC comics and movies. Tune to the series to have a look at the youngest Catwoman of all time.


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