The Buried Secrets Of Deadliest Location On Earth

Our earth is a very interesting place to live in. The earth provides perfect environmental conditions for humans as well as various animal species. The history of our earth is very old and began many a billion years ago. Various transitional phases have passed since we start living on this planet. We often try to find out the answers of our past journey on this beautiful planet. So many researches have been done from so many researchers and scientists from various background about the secrets of earth and how it has been evolved in the past many centuries. Some Deadliest Location On Earth.

Secrets Locations On Earth Linked With Amazing Past History Of Humans:

Meanwhile, in finding the answers about earth history, Chicxulub Puerto, Mexico is the favorite location for western archaeologists. This mysterious place is back aging in the mainstream news for some breakthrough revelations about our ancestors. This area is of Yucatan has been the subject of little international interest. Earlier in the month of September, this year between Chicxulub Puerto and the Yucatan capital Merida, a museum has been opened. The primary aim of this museum to take people back in the moment, 66 million years ago, when the 12 km asteroid changed the world history. This destruction ended the reign of giant beasts that had lasted hundreds of thousands of years.


This place is considered as the center of the impact crater that scientist believe was made when the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs into earth surface.

American archaeologists studied many satellite images showing Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. During the studying process, many shocking truths were revealed by the archaeologist about this place. Cenotes, the blue water sinkholes opening up seemingly at random as you trek across the large flatlands of the Yucatan, dry forest on Mexico’s eastern age.

Cenotes, the blue water sinkholes

But when they have seen this from the space, they cluster together to form a pattern like an arc, articulating nearly half a circle, as if a drawing compass had been stuck into the map on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. Then archaeologists had discovered the unique pattern, which encircles the Yucatecan capital, Merida and port towns of Sisal and Progresso while trying to understand what had become of the Mayan civilizations that had once ruled over the peninsula.

Some Interesting Facts About Mayan Civilization

Maya is the indigenous people of Mexico and Central America who have continuously inhabited the lands consisting modern-day Yucatan, Tabasco, and Chiapas in Mexico and southward through Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. This name Maya arises from the ancient Yucatan city of Mayapan, the last capital of a Mayan kingdom in the post-classic period. Maya civilization in the Classic period invented the incredible cultural advances for which they are well known. They believed deeply in the cyclical nature of life- nothing was ever born and nothing ever died and this belief inspired their view of the gods and the cosmos.

maya civilization

Now get back to our main topic. How those buried secrets are revealing the old civilization of earth?

The beginning of scientific discoveries that would establish the foundations for what most scientists believe today: that this ring corresponds to the edge of the crater caused by an asteroid 12km wide. This is a huge size for any asteroid which struck the Yucatan and exploded with an unimaginable force that turned rock to liquid. In the early 90s, many groups of scientist from America, Europe, and Asia have worked to fill in the remaining blanks. They now believe that impact instant created a crater deep 30km deep, causing the Earth to act like a pond after a pebble is dropped.

maya civilization1

In the years that followed the cataclysmic impact, the world would have changed beyond recognition, and creating perpetual night time for more than a year, plunging temperatures below freezing, and killing off about more than 75% of all life on Earth-including almost all the dinosaurs. In current time, the center point, the place where that imaginary compass stuck and the mountain once rose, is buried a kilometer below a tiny town called Chicxulub Puerto.

This amazing place deserves to be better known worldwide for its historic resemblance. This story of finding this place is not simply one of history, it could also give us insights into life beyond earth. This place should be preserved as a world heritage site for our future generations.


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