The Art of Playing Blackjack

Learn the art of the world’s most beloved casino game – Blackjack! Here’s the thing you need to know about playing blackjack. Everything is not what is seems and/or is supposed to be. 

Ever since a study was published about the best mathematical strategy for playing it, blackjack fans have played the game religiously. I would say about 98% of all blackjack players play the game the same way. They all follow basic strategy. Some of them are afraid to hit 16 and they’ll say “I don’t hit 16’s. That’s my rule – I stick to it and I play consistent”. 

  1. Blackjack: Basic Strategy

Basic blackjack strategy reduces the house advantage to 0.5% (in theory). The reason I say “in theory” is because the mathematics of blackjack assume that everything is equal. Meaning all of the cards are in place and shuffled randomly. I don’t believe that the cards are always shuffled randomly though. I believe that they are often times sorted in a fashion that benefits the casino’s house edge. They know everyone pretty much plays the same. They “Always” split “Aces” and “Eights” for example. Because that’s was basic blackjack strategy (also called “the book”) advises. 

Yet even though the blackjack strategy book advises player’s to always split aces and eights, often times is doesn’t work out in the players favor (it doesn’t work more often than it should). With splitting Aces the most common outcome is getting a push (or tie). When splitting Eights, its not uncommon to lose one or even both hands. So why does basic strategy advise it then? Because mathematically its the correct move assuming everything else is equal.

But the casinos know exactly what the player will do before they do it so they’ve sorted the cards in a way to achieve a desired outcome (improve their house advantage). On top of this card shorting and not truly shuffling the cards nonsense, everything else is not equal because as the game progresses into the shoe many cards have been removed from the shoe while many others still remain yet to be played. Knowing the ratio of which cards are gone and which cards are left and playing the proper math according to the current position of the deck will yield better results than following basic strategy in some land based casinos that practice card sorting. 

This kind of blackjack play is only advisable for the very skilled player (and very daring ones too)

  1. How Online Blackjack is Different

Following basic strategy when you play online blackjack for real money is the best strategy to follow unlike how it is for top-level professionals in land based casinos. This is because while some land based casinos might be sorting the cards and not shuffling them properly, online casinos actually shuffle the cards before every hand is dealt. When you’re playing blackjack online all of the cards are in the shoe on every single hand that you play. It is a full deck and everything else is equal (as long as they’re a fair Internet casino). This makes online casinos a safer bet for blackjack players. Another benefit to playing online casino games is they allow you to play blackjack for free. You can play free blackjack games and have fun while you’re doing it try out the MSN Zone free casino link provided below. 


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