7 Technology Trends That Have Dominated 2018


In this fast pacing world, technology trends are upgrading itself like anything. Every now and then, a new technology enters the market and changes so many things. To an individual firm, the acceptance of a particular technology in the industry can be seen either as an opportunity or as a threat. The awareness of technology trends plays a very significant role in such a way which are given below:

  1. Enhance your visibility to the customer
  2. Increasing opportunity with new ideas and new ventures

In Order To Improve Your Technology Trends Awareness, Here Are Some Tips That You Can Follow:

  1. Join technology related forums and read technology related blogs.
  2. Follow people on twitter or other social media
  3. Attend seminars or webinars

7 Technology Trends That Have Dominated 2018

1. AI Permeation

AI Permeation

Now, in 2018, Artificial intelligence is not a theoretical concept. Nowadays there are many developers in machine learning and NLP. So to utilize the Artificial intelligence is now no longer a dream but it is an opportunity. It is becoming more and more popular because its applications are found in many fields. It enables a machine or program to communicate with the users.

If you think of any innovative idea then with the help of Artificial intelligence you can release it.

2. Internet of Things (IoT):

 Internet of things

Internet of things helps to make the communication of any data between the mechanical and different computerized devices. Basically, it helps in the communication, whether between machines to human or machine to machine communication. It is used in many ways like:

  1. Provides home security through a network which is connected to many devices
  2. Gives a fertile ground on which innovations are based.

Many big companies like Dell, Daimler, DHL, GE and many others use IOT in many other ways.

3. Augmented Reality (AR):

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is defined as the superimposition of the virtual images of the real world images on the user views. It is continuously and quickly gaining and has found its use in various applications. Some of the industries are construction, healthcare, and retail in which AR has found already.

4. 5G Preparation:

5G technology trends

By the end of 2019, it is possible that they could found a 5G network in some places but only with 5G phones. The internet with the 5G network will run 10 times faster than internet of 4G network. It is very fast and helpful for the developers and engineers and everyone to run any application and upload the streaming content.

5. Increased Use of Mobile Devices For Enterprise Mobility And Micro-Moments:

Increased use of mobile devices for enterprise mobility and micro-moments

We know that enterprise mobility and micro-moments, both are a very different thing but the main point is, the increased use of mobile phones such as tablets, smartphones etc.

We can define the enterprise mobility as the use of mobile phones for the business purpose to carry out the tasks of business from anywhere and anytime. It is a field where innovations are possible so that people can communicate with each other by mobile devices in the more efficient way. It also increases the productivity of employees.

On the other hand, micro-moments are the reflexively use of mobile devices by the user to do various tasks such as searching, messaging, purchasing and many other. These days, Micro moments are very important for the marketers.

6. Blockchain:


A blockchain is a ledger that can be digitized and decentralize. It records the transaction which includes cryptocurrency. But nowadays, there is much other use of blockchains such as financial institutions, stock exchanges, music, and also IOT devices and many others. It is basically designed for the transactions.

7. Software As A Service (SAAS):

Software as a service

On the basis of subscription, software as a service is a host as a part of cloud technology by a third party. It saves lots of money which are spent on hardware and up-gradation. Software as a service provides lots of areas of research like security, availability, and performance in big companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and many other companies.

Every year there are many technologies which are in trend and dominate but these are 7 technology trends that have dominated 2018.

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