Take A Sneak Peek Into The New Releases Of Netflix

Netflix is one of the best locations for chilling when you are on a movie date or just sitting back home to complete a series. Well, we are certainly addicted to the Netflix shows. From Supernatural to Stranger Things, the episodes get us hooked to the television like anything else. One thing can be said about the Netflix series is that once you start them, you won’t be able to stop them.

So aren’t you excited to know what other shows are going to be released in the Netflix chapter a little while from now? Well, worry not as we are here to tell you all about it.

Netflix New Releases That You Need To Know About

Netflix has got some amazing new original shows for you right now. There are some favorites such as Marvel’s Jessica Jones and a lot more that are returning to the TV world with new seasons. Also, there are some new additions as well. We can only say that we are way too much excitement for the amazing new releases over the New Year.

“Lovesick” (Season 3) — January 1

Netflix description: The story revolves around the love quest of the main protagonist Dylan and his journey to find his one true love. However, things don’t go as planned when Dylan gets Chlamydia. Well, this is the main plot of the story as Dylan along with his friends Luke and Evie tries to reflect on his past relationship to find out the girl who gave him Chlamydia.

“Grace and Frankie” (Season 4) — January 19

Netflix description: They’re definitely not friends in this series, let me warn you. But when the husbands of both Frankie and Grace leave them for each other’s company, they are forced to enter a new bond. Although hostile towards each other at first, you will get to know as the season’s progress that they grow closer. It is the sheer honesty of the series that got it an Emmy nomination

“Altered Carbon” (Season 1) — February 2

Netfliex description: This is another one of the Netflix new releases that made us go crazy with the amazing concept.  Set in the future, about 300 years from now, the story focuses on the human minds that are digitized in the future. They can be downloaded from one body to another. The story is an adaptation of the cyberpunk novel.

“Seven Seconds” (Season 1) — February 23

Netfliex description: Well, if you are interested in the political climate of America, then this series is definitely a must-watch for you. Grab some popcorn and grab a seat in your living room as you flip through the episodes one by one. These episodes centered on the story of a New Jersey African-American teen that gets injured by a police officer are superb.

“Everything Sucks!” (Season 1) — 2018

Netflix description: This is another one of the best Netflix Original Releases which is all set to happen in a few days time. Based on a high school rivalry, this story is one of the relatable concepts for the youth generation.

So, are you excited about the Netflix New releases? You will certainly love them all.  


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