List Of Superhero Characters Marvels Stole From DC

DC and Marvel are the two main players in the comics industry. They have been in the business since the 1930s. Their amazing and impressive characters of superhero and super-villains which led to an endless battle, who is better than the other. It is a classic battle like Coca-Cola vs Pepsi. They constantly blaming each other for characters copy. The argument has been coming from decades. There are lots of examples where marvel ripped off some characters from DC and DC ripped off some famous characters from the marvels. Sometimes, people feel that they both are copying each other and in a few cases, they copy from somewhere else.

Some mainstream famous characters of Marvel which are highly inspired by DC. Their writers shared some close similarity among their characters and stories too. Both the comics companies are so hugely famous among children. More than 80 years have been passed but the craze of this two rivalry companies is still in the market. Both are known for some mind-blowing storylines and engaging storytelling.

List Of Superhero Characters Marvels Allegedly Stole Directly From DC Mostly People Are Unaware Of:

1. Thanos From Darkseid


Infinity war is the latest entry in the Marvels. The marvels fans of this series have seen this movie and know what the character of Thanos all about is. They are big, purple colored evil and they are only 3 years apart. Darkseid made his debut in 1970 and three years later, Thanos was created in marvels in 1973.

2. Vision From Martian Manhunter


After his entire planet is destroyed by a creature, this Martian Manhunter comes to earth to protect the planet from the destruction. This character is copied from DC. Vision made his first appearance in 1968 on the other side Martian Manhunter made his debut in 1955. Both are superhero in their universe.

3. Dr Strange From Dr Fate


Dr. Fate character was first created by DC in the early 1940s. But later then Marvels got inspired by Dr fate and they introduced a new superhero character as Dr. Strange in 1963. The main power of Dr strange is his magic skills.

4. Ultron From Brainiac


Ultron is the complete copy of DC’s Brainiac character because both the characters have similar powers like super- intelligence, self-repair and consciousness. Marvels are highly inspired by the DC characters. Ultron made his first debut in 1968, whereas Brainiac made the first appearance in 1958. Both were not introduced as a superhero but as villains.

5. Deadpool From Deathstroke


Even their names sound similar. Deadpool is way later introduced by Marvels in 1991. Both the characters are introduced as villains but later they both were reformed.

6. Hawkeye From Green Arrow


DC’s Green Arrow made his debut way back in 1941. This was one of the cool characters of DC. 23 years later in 1964, marvels debuted the character of Hawkeye. They are the archer version of superheroes. Even though Marvels made their character popular than Green Arrow.

7. Hulk From Grundy


Hulk is considered as one of the best creation from marvels in their comics journey. This character became so popular among the lovers of comics. But sadly this character was also copied from DC’s character Grundy which was introduced in 1944. Both the characters share some similarities like short temper. Hulk was introduced in 1962, 18 years later than Grundy.

8. Quicksilver From Flash


Here we have two speedsters. DC definitely has won the race to create a speedster hero as Flash, who streaked in the comics world in the 1940s. The flash speed violates the law of physics. For the answer, marvels gave Quicksilver, brother to Scarlett which first appeared in 1964.

9. Angel From Hawkman


Hawkman first appeared in 1940. Ever since the debut of Hawkman, many different incarnations of the characters have seen in the comics. Angel first appeared in 1963 as the founder members of mutants as X-Man. The audience loves the character of X-Man and gained a huge fan following.

These are the top 10 characters that have been copied and went on to become very popular across the globe.

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