Super Hero er Villain Brothers This Time With Purcell and Miller!

There is absolutely no reason why you must not have watched to the Prison Break. This has been an amazing series, and there is absolutely no doubt in the fact that Dominic Purcell, did more than enough to justify his role of Lincoln Burrows in the series. The isolation movie dominic purcell is in, also is an amazing watch!

And if you do remember Lincoln burrows then how come you can forget Michael Scofield? After all this is one character that cannot be forgotten by the people no matter what.

Wentworth Miller absolutely justified his role of Michael Scofield. But after Prison Break got over in the year of 2017 fans were really waiting for them to be seen together again.

They respected the wish:

Of course they did! And now you will have an opportunity of seeing both of these brothers together back in the series of “Flash”.

Flash is one series that is actually breaking the norms of how a superhero series should be. It has gained an immense popularity within just few years of time. And the television brothers can be seen again in this series as two antagonists of the show.

Dominic purcell plays the role of Heat Wave, one of the DC villains that you would absolutely love to hate. And not to forget Miller is playing the role of Captain Cold.

These two villains will continuously keep on reappearing in the show. And it will keep the fans on the edge of their seats. Miller was found saying in the wentworth miller dominic purcell interview with IGN, “It brings me back about five years to when I was playing Michael Scofield in Prison So to kind of taste what that’s like and enjoy a bit of that material.


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