South Africa Higher Court Legalizes The Use Of Cannabis

South Africa Legalize The Use Of Cannabis

Cannabis has been a controversial topic in so many countries in recent years. Everyone knows that narcotics substance like tobacco and alcohol are legal but it does not make sense for cannabis to remain illegal for so many reasons.

The legalization of marijuana (another name of cannabis) in South Africa has been a controversial topic as well in the last few years. But last week, South Africa was in headlines around the world for the legalization of cannabis because South Africa’s highest court said adults can use marijuana in private. The decision of African’s court allows adults to consume cannabis in private and grow marijuana for private consumption.

Cannabis use is prohibited in most countries but has been legalized for recreational purposes in Canada, Georgia, Uruguay and 29 states in the United States. Now we are discussing effects of legalizing the cannabis uses.

What is Marijuana or Cannabis?

Marijuana comes from the dried flowering tops, leaves, and seed of the Marijuana plant. Humans have used marijuana for hundreds of years for fiber, seed, and medical treatment and recreationally. This plant is useful for relieving pain, inflammation, nausea and other types of chronic conditions.


Primary component that is found in marijuana is delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is a mind-altering substance. It directly acts on the receptors that cause mood swings and memory disruption. In some severe conditions, it leads to suicidal thinking. But it has some medical benefits too.

How does this drug work on the body?

work on the body

When a person smokes Marijuana, THC is absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream reaching the brain within minutes. At that time that person will feel instant high state, everything around him will seem intense and delusional. The human body absorbs THC more slowly when it is eaten or consumed orally. It disrupts other parts of the brain like coordination and reaction time. These are some brain chemical changes happens at the consumption of cannabis. But these changes can also lead to effective and cure some chronic diseases of the human body.

What will be the impact of legalization of cannabis in South Africa?

Something that needs to be considered is whether there is a market in which it can be easily found in the first place. According to the data from the Nations offices on Drugs and Crime, it is estimated that close to 9.1% of the South African population use marijuana. This high number will directly increase the tax revenue and legalization would be substantial and this collection of money can be used towards funding social activities and other public services.

Another aspect is South Africa is in a position in which legalization would offer economic and social benefits. Now it is very clear that legalization can provide economic benefits.

Let’s discuss some medical benefits of legalizing marijuana!

1. Cannabis is not as harmful an alcohol or Tobacco: A study was conducted in 2015 that claims compared to the risks of Marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco, and it confirmed that Marijuana is the least risky. It showed that cannabis is about 114 times less deadly than alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, and heroin.

Cannabis A Far Safer Alternative To Alcohol2. Cannabis can cure Alzheimer disease: Another research also showed that a component found in Marijuana THC the active component of cannabis slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. These discoveries are a big reason to legalize weed.

Cannabis can cure Alzheimer disease3. It can control Seizures: So many people all over the world are suffering from seizure disorders.  A study of 2003 based on the effect of Marijuana on brain shows that cannabis can control epileptic seizures. That active components THC control seizures by triggering the protein known as the CB1 receptor.

It kills Cancer cells

Here are the final verdict of this decision

Even though Marijuana is legal now in South Africa but there are some chances that this decision has some possible dangers as well. The addictive nature of this plant is the biggest threat. If any person is consuming this in daily life then he or she can be additive of this drug. So there must be a standard amount should be suggested by the government for the safety of the people. Maybe it can help to prevent the possible side effect of the cannabis. So many countries are also in the queue to legalizing this drug but they must ensure about its practical outcome on the general public before legalizing the Marijuana.


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