Something Personal! Something Real! Something More- About Jay Kim

Well most of the interview of Jay has been about his business or company or about his future plans. Though there are really few about jay as a person, his thought process, his values, etc. So today we thought to catch with Jay and learn more about his personal life and thought process.

Question: Tell us something about you and your family?

So, easing me in the interview, ha! Well I was born November 10th in 1976 in South Korea. I am the eldest of my siblings. I have two siblings. Just like others, I attended the community college while working on a part time job. I got married early and now I have three kids and a beautiful wife.

Question: How much experience do you have in the business world?

I have been part of the business market for over 17 years and hope many more to go. It’s been more than half a decade with JemJem only. And I believe I was always part of the business world as I was always up to something even as a kid.

Question: As a leader, what are the values you follow?

I always believe hard work and learning from mistakes never fails as a recipe for a successful and happy life. When it comes to business, I put the same belief in to work. Failures are something which do give pain, but they also leave with a teaching and a message and I have jar full of it. Yes, I have seen failures and I always tell my team that it is never a dead end rather a chance to create a new way.

Question: What is your greatest Strength and weakness?

My strength is my dedication, hard work and ability to never quit. Since I was a kid, I have always believed in myself. When I want to do something, I put all my energy to make the task a success. Plus, I accept my failures, instead of feeling down, I always learn from them and do not repeat the same mistake. Well for weakness, everyone has something I do too. However, sharing it is not something I wish to do. Who knows how it will be used?

Question: When you first started, how did you convinced people about your idea of entering into refurbished products industry?

Well when I first started the company, I was doing most of the work by myself singlehandedly. From point A to Z everything was done by me. Yeah, I was that coffee guy as well as the CEO then the company started being noticed. So, when other people joined me, Jem Jem was a name which used to turn at least few heads in totally positive and knowing way. Guess that helped.

Question: How many hours a week do you work?

I never keep a track of number of hours obviously. I go by the list of tasks needed to be completed on the day. I create a mental list in the morning about what all I have to complete by the end of the day, and I go from there. So, I don’t have definite number. I do work more hours than the average hours known in the market. Work is something I enjoy; I love going to office and help and work. Who wants to count hours when they are enjoying?

Question: What gets you up in the morning?

To be specific my kids. My body clock works in the most literal manner and I don’t need to have alarm to get up. Well answer to your question, my wish to make all my acquisitions and companies a success and to make my kid’s future secure is definitely one of the reasons. Every day, I find something new and exciting to do which makes me want to get up and find out what’s written that day’s chapter.

Question: How Do You handle pressure?

Just like every other entrepreneur, I have gotten good in handling pressure. When the situation comes up where the pressure to do something or achieve is high, I always sit, get relaxed and move out of the situation for some time. I read or do other tasks, after getting in better frame of mind, I start making decisions and suggestions. I am 50 + years old, pressure is not good for my health and do take my health seriously.

Question: Tell us about who Jay Kim really is?

A work driven family-oriented guy. I am just like the guy next door, who is simple and have big dreams along with equivalent zeal to fulfill them. I like simple things, home cooked meal, spending time with friends and family and just everything you all like. Just one thing I might have in a more amount and i.e. the passion to do business. I love working.

Question: While hiring, what is that one main thing which calls you in an employee?

Honesty, Respect and creativity. I know these are three things but I feel all of them are important. Skills are something which people can learn and gather experience in, although when it comes to honesty, it comes within.


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