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Simon Roofing Company is one of the main business material project workers in Middlesex New Jersey. We perform quality work, give successful correspondence our clients, and are consistently open.

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Simon Roofing Company is a main business material worker for hire in New Jersey. We perform quality work, give successful correspondence our clients, and are consistently available. Our business material activities leave our clients 100% fulfilled in light of this tender loving care.

At Simon, our solidarity is something beyond offering rooftops that last. We guarantee that your business material frameworks are secure, immaculately kept up, and conveyed with the guarantee of insurance.

We serve NJ, Eastern PA and the NY Area

Safety Priorities

The administration at Simon Roofing believes wellbeing to be perhaps the main objectives in our day by day business.

Safety Precautions

It is everybody's duty at Simon Roofing to consent to security rules, create safe work propensities and keep a protected workplace.

Safety Practices

The Simon Roofing strategy is "No work is critical to such an extent that time can't be taken to accomplish the work the correct way… the protected way.”


Simon Roofing Company represents considerable authority in the evacuation of material frameworks. Our tender loving care makes us the main material project worker in New Jersey for the establishment of business rooftops on new and existing structures. We additionally assist you with understanding the R-Value of your material framework. The energy cost for your structure is controlled by the measure of protection on the rooftop. On the off chance that the rooftop will have a Solar framework introduced over the new rooftop establishment, we will help address the requirements before we start your installation.

Emergency Repairs

We will likely rapidly react to your crisis business material assistance call to help limit your harm. Rooftop spills, imploding rooftop decks are difficult we routinely tackle. A completely prepared and prepared staff is at your call. We are set up to support your business material requirements 24 hours every day. Our reactions are particularly immediate, amicable, proficient, and gracious. Attempting to address your issues carefully, is our trademark.


Simon Roofing utilizes all OSHA consistent gear in your place of work. At Simon Roofing we have a composed wellbeing program that all workers consent to. Our Workman's Compensation alteration rate is one of the least in the business. We will be happy to impart it to you. Likewise, our obligation protection misfortune runs are exceptional. Our workers are protected as are your resources..

Masonry Restoration

Stonework in deterioration can prevent you from being dry. Your material framework and workmanship should cooperate to keep you dry. Simon Roofing can supplant disintegrated blocks, fix broke cement, and repoint block/block joints. Some stonework additionally retains water. Frequently a reasonable silicone arrangement can stop this.

Metal Roofing

Simon Roofing Company can install standing seam metal roofs to enhance your building’s exterior. There are many custom colors to choose from to provide a unique look for any project. Many of the metal roof manufacturers offer 20 year guarantees on their products. Trained staff is at your call. We are prepared to service any and all of your needs.

Fully Insured/Bonded

Simon Roofing has a $5,000,000 umbrella arrangement for our risk protection. We additionally have the fitting Workman's Compensation protection legally necessary. We can bond material undertakings in large numbers of dollars. Tell us your holding necessity, so we can address your issues.



Roof Maintenance

Generations of Roofing Contractors

As an experienced commercial roofing contractor, Simon Roofing can provide the proper maintenance to protect your building. Whether we installed your roofing system or it was done by another contractor, we will provide the maintenance necessary to protect the contents and integrity of your business with no interruptions. Weather and foot traffic can do damage to a roofing system. Inspections must be done to detect roof damage.

Numerous rooftops are covered by a maker's rooftop guarantee. Shockingly, building proprietors don't understand that the rooftop guarantee is possible as a result if there is legitimate support performed on the rooftop. To do legitimate upkeep an authorized rooftop utensil ought to be utilized to ensure the support is done as per the producer's determinations. A support agreement can ensure that your rooftop stands out enough to be noticed what it needs. Call to get your free support sites.

Roofs Installed

Custom Designs

Roofs Maintained

Emergency Services

Simon is awesome! They are consistently on schedule and on a financial plan with their tasks. I would utilize them over and over.

We had a huge development work that required some assistance after issues with our first material project worker. Simon not just made all the difference… they saved the Job!

Simon is the best! They are always on time and on budget with their projects. I would use them again and again.

When we are in need of anything to be done for a Commercial Roofing project on one of my jobs, Scott and Simon Roofing are the only ones I call.  The best in the industry.

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We are highly experienced in the latest and top quality applications of the best roofing materials on the market.
Simon Roofing services Middlesex NJ, Newark, Somerset, South Plainfield NJ, Piscataway NJ and all surrounding areas.


Top Manufacturers

Simon Roofing maintains relationships with the Industry’s top manufacturers.


Full Trained Technicians

All of our technicians are fully trained and certified to carry out work needed.

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