Should you opt for the Rhinoplasty

Have you anything to worry about your nose and want to correct it? Then, Rhinoplasty is the perfect solution you can opt for. However, it is not just a cosmetic surgery, and there are many things you want to give a thought to before you actually decide to go under the knife.  Learn a little about Rhinoplasty in this post and analyze if you really need to do the nose job.

Is the Rhinoplasty a Need for me?

The Rhinoplasty is also referred to as a Nose Job. In fact, it involves catering to the nasal cavity and helps you address the breathing problems one may be facing. However, of late – the rhinoplasty is also used for the purposes of cosmetic surgery.

The nasal problems that can necessitate the rhinoplasty or nose job would include the problems with exercise, difficulty in breathing or sleeping, or an interference with other activities. There are several steps involved in addressing the concern, but surgery may be the last resort if everything else fails.

The procedure of rhinoplasty is also used for the purposes of correcting your nose.  Improving the shape of the nose or size of it can be achieved with the help of rhinoplasty with ease. These exercises would include reducing the nasal hump, improving the tip, correcting asymmetrical shape are a few aspects that form part of the rhinoplasty surgery.

How would you recover from Rhinoplasty?

The recovery from Rhinoplasty would be quite simple and easy. There may be a few social issues as you would need to wear the splints. It may appear a little awkward and make a little difficult to breathe.

The bruises under the eyes may be one of the issues you may come across as a side effect of the surgery. However, the issues should be gone within three to four weeks. However, do note that you would not be able to undertake heavy activities like swimming or jogging. If you ae wearing glasses, you would need to avoid wearing them for a period of around six weeks. If glasses are inevitable, you may need to opt for contact lenses for the time being.

Anything else you need to learn about Rhinoplasty?

Well, apart from the medical conditions, rhinoplasty can be one of the preferred choices if you feel your nose is too big or too small. You can opt for the surgery if your nose is asymmetrical. The surgery heals really quickly and does not leave any incision marks.

The surgery can either be open or closed in nature. The open rhinoplasty is undertaken for the nose jobs outside the nose, while the closed rhinoplasty would be the best option for any issues for the incisions inside the nose.

If you are interested in rhinoplasty, consult your cosmetic surgeon or the medical practitioner depending upon whether you are looking for rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes or medical conditions.


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