Shake A Leg To The Tunes Of Mj

The very famous moonwalk, lock and pop, rock music… Who can be associated with all these? . Whenever you speak of Michael Jackson, the only album that strikes your mind is ‘Thriller’. What made him gain such immense popularity and such a huge queue of fans is his mellifluous voice. Michael Jackson songs are world famous.

I hope I don’t need to give an elaborate biography of Jackson, but I’ll give you a brief one. If God had clubbed the perspective of a singer, songwriter and dancer and bestowed it to one human, it was Michael Jackson (MJ). Being the eighth child of the Jackson family MJ developed the Jackson 5, a band comprising of his siblings.

Regarding his childhood, he had a pathetic one as his relationship with his father was not normal. He was regularly whipped and verbally abused.

MJ’s Albums

The famous albums Michael Jackson recorded were innumerable. Let’s take a quick look at the hits:

  • Got To Be There – he launched this album from the team of Jackson 5 when he was just 13.
  • Ben – although it featured the ballad of a rat, yet it was considered Jackson’s first single.
  • Off The Wall – if you want to listen to some rock and pop, this is the ideal album you should listen to. ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ from this album won the Grammy award.
  • Thriller – who doesn’t know about Thriller? The album got nominated 12 times and won 8 Grammy awards.

MJs Brutal Death

It was on the fateful day of 25th June 2009, MJs famous songs and his dance moves became a memory to the whole world. In Los Angeles, he suffered from a cardiac arrest and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, none of the medications worked. He was announced dead at the age of 50.  


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