Reasons Why You Should Have Sex While Pregnancy


Everyone wants to experience all the good things in his or her life, as it is a dream of every person in this world to have a satisfactory and joyful life. One of the thing that every person wants to experience after their marriage is having a child as this is one of the happy feelings that a couple would ever experience in their life. But the period of pregnancy is a cruel time period for the couples, as this is the time when both husband and wife need to follow some healthy routines that can be beneficial for their child.

Few Confusions About Sex While Pregnancy 

Also, there are few confusions that arise among the couples during the period of the pregnancy and one of the questions that are very general to get in the mind of the couples is, “Can they have sex while pregnancy phase?” And here, we will be going to tell you the reasons that why you should have sex while pregnancy phase.

Medical Benefits Of Having Sex while Pregnancy

Medical Benefits Of Having Sex while Pregnancy

There are many doctors and experts that advice that if a couple is having a healthy pregnancy. Then there is no problem in having a satisfactory sex life. As there are medical reasons for such suggestions. One of them is that the baby is shielded and protected by some strong muscles of the mother’s womb. In addition to this, there is a thick mucus that completely guards the baby against infection. There are many things that take place during the period of pregnancy, such as hormonal changes, morning sickness, mood swings, and stretch marks. Hence, having sex is the only thing that is on the mind of a couple and this is the thing that could really help.

Reasons Why You Should Have Sex While Pregnancy-

1. Lowered Blood Pressure

Lowered Blood Pressure

During the period of pregnancy, it is observed that there are few situations when the blood pressure gets high and it is not a good sign for both mother and the child. This is seen that after having sex while pregnancy, blood pressure gets lower down. But this action is temporary. therefore, you should seek some advice from the doctor to tackle the problem of high blood pressure.

2. Less Pee

Less Pee

This is one of the problems that are faced by the pregnant woman. As during the period of pregnancy, there is always a sensation of having a pee. Thus, this causes frequent visits to the bathroom and also there might be the leaking when the pregnant woman laughs or sneezes. All this becomes more uncomfortable and worst when the child becomes bigger and pressurizes the bladder. But this feeling or sensation of having a pee gets lowered down by having sex, said by many experts.

3. Reduces Stress

Reduces Stress

Pregnancy is a situation when a huge amount of stress is felt by both the man and women. There are various concerns such as financial issues, work, medical leaves. How their will going to change after the entry of their child into this world. Thus, sex while pregnancy can help both man and woman to get relaxed. As, after sex, our body releases a hormone named Oxytocin, which is a love hormone. This hormone gets released when they both have an orgasm. So, this can ultimately help them to get relief from the stress and have them a better sleep.

4. Get Ready For Labor

Get Ready For Labor

Having sex while pregnancy makes the body of a woman ready to face the consequences. That happened during the process of delivery. Basically, sex helps the muscles to get stronger up and makes the body prepared for the labor. This strengthening up of muscles take place because the semen provides prostaglandins that help to ripe the cervix. Thus, it is beneficial to have sex while pregnancy.

5. Increases Self-Esteem

Increases Self-Esteem sex while pregnancy

There are many new things that take place in the body during the pregnancy and these changes are physical as well as metabolic also. Hence, all this makes a woman feel that her body is not her own. Therefore, sex is something that makes her feel alive again. As this helps her to regain her physical and body confidence as well as inhibit the vibes of positive feelings within her.

Hence, sex is one of the things that the couple craves and makes them feel better during the phase of pregnancy.

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