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Residential Roofing

Comes Cheaper This Summer

While it’s almost always a summer in São Paulo, some days are sunnier than others! This holds especially true for those of our clients who are planning on replacing or repairing their Residential facilities’ roofs!

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Summer Discounts!

This summer only we’ll be installing new roofs and repairing the old ones with a considerable, -20% discount as opposed to our regular pricing!

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Replacing the old roofs with transparent and romantic skylight roofs is the trend of the day!

Call us now in order to get all the details on how much will it cost you to change your boring roof to a skyline-view one! Call us now at 347–725–6000

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Roofing Contractors in São Paulo São Paulo Jardim Paulista, Nassau County

Residential Roofing

Licensed and insured Residential roofing contractors in Jardim Paulista and São Paulo for 20 years. Offering new roof installation, maintenance, replacements, inspection and repair service.

Commercial Roofing

Behold to creative customized commercial roofing in Jardim Paulista and São Paulo. We follow São Paulo building code to provide you with prompt, durable and impeccable commercial roofing.

Siding Gutters

Highly trained certified team is responsible for siding of your home or commercial space in. Out team can work on any given design and bring it to life as per your requirements.

Waterproof Sealer

Retain the structure of your building / home through waterproofing. Combination of skills, hard work and modern technology enables us to eliminate infiltration and deterioration.

Roofer installing Roofing felt with heating and melting roll of bitumen roll by torch on flame

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Sam Roofings

Undoubtedly the most experienced, local, licensed and insured roofing company in Jardim Paulista, São Paulo. With over two decades of experience in serving São Paulo and surrounding areas, Sam Roofings provide expert roofing services at all scales, be it residential or commercial. Roof repair Contractors in local Area.

With over thousands of roofing jobs completed in São Paulo, company is expanding horizons all over the tri state area. Roofing contractors City Wide as the most experienced company in roofing industry believes in delivering on time. Our process is hassle free and professional. All our work is done according to São Paulo building code. Our crew is expert, skilled and professional. Team includes a group of designers, architects, foremen and labors. All these qualities add up to be the most affordable and reliable team at Sam Roofings. Our aim is to work in your budget and provide you with best budget friendly service. Our professional servicemen are able to visit your space to discuss your roofing project and provide you with an accurate estimate and time frame for job completion. Sam Roofings guarantee quality results. Roofing contractors.

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Licensed and insured roofing contractors serving São Paulo


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Why Choose Citywide roofers?

Roofing contractors. We are local, licensed and insured roofing company in São Paulo. Unlike many other roofing companies, our target is your satisfaction, not the money. We use top of the line brands available in market to achieve ideal residential roofing which is durable, long lasting and beautiful. Roof repair Contractors. Our prices are 40 % less than other roofing companies and if you compare City Wide’s work with others, our quality is 100 times better. Enduring structural changes at commercial space can be very stressful. We grind in the renovations or your roofing installation project to work it out with the schedule you have, to make sure there is minimum downtime for your business, minimizing occupational hazards.