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    We’re closing in on over 1000 roof replacements and roof repairs in the Atlanta, GA area. Additionally, we’ve performed over 500 storm restorations in the Metro Atlanta area. As a locally owned and operated business, we’re your neighbors! In fact, we were born and raised here and love being the Atlanta roofers homeowners can count on. Additionally, we know you have a choice for your roof replacement and roof repair needs. That’s why we treat every customer like family because we truly appreciate you choosing us! Learn more about us by calling today at (678) 365-3138.

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Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Literally, we are the Atlanta, GA Roofer you can count on. In fact, we will make your roof better than ever before! Whether it’s our upgraded HD architectural shingles at no added cost, or the addition of ridge vents to make your home comfortable and cool in the summer months, we make sure to get you the most for your money. First, we will assess any damage to your roof and tell you what we would do, whether that’s a roof replacement or roof repair. Second, we’ll lay out all of your options so you can decide what’s best for you. You can feel good knowing we’ve gone over every detail. That’s why Royal Roofing is your Atlanta, GA Roofer. Whether a roof replacement, roof repair, or any other roofing needs, we’re here for you. To get started, all you have to do is call (678) 365-3138.

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More and more homeowners are making metal roofs their choice for roofing. It’s understandable. Metal roofs are more durable than many other roofing systems—they last about 50 years or more—and you have an extensive range of choices. You can choose from copper to aluminum or galvanized steel, and you can get a standing seam roof or have the metal shaped to look like shingles or tile. The materials also come in a variety of colors. As a leading roofer in Atlanta, GA, Royal Roofing has long recognized the trend toward metal roofing, and we offer a full range of installation, replacement, and repair services for metal roofs. For your next roofing project, you can always count on us, so give us a call at (678) 365-3138.

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One of the most important components of your roofing system is often neglected—gutters. Your gutter system directs water away from your roof, and away from your foundation. When your gutters are flowing properly you’ll be better protected from roof leaks and other water damage. If you need your gutters repaired or need new gutters installed, you’ll want an experienced roofer to make sure the job is done right. Royal Roofing is the Atlanta, GA roofer you can trust for all your roofing services from repairing gutters to installing new roofs. Find out all that we can do for you by calling (678) 365-3138.

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