Rey Mysterio Can Lead A Latino Faction In WWE

Oscar Gutierrez, more popularly known by his ring name Rey Mysterio. The Latino Faction wrestler Rey is a part of WWE world and currently performing in WWE Raw. He is the current WWE United States Champion.

Rey was born on 11 December 1974 he made his wrestling debut at the age of 15. 

Rey Mysterio was arguably the best Cruiserweight to ever compete in the WWE and also the best Latino superstar to do so.

The star has achieved many great things in the WWE like he has won the Royal Rumble, WWE champion, Intercontinental champion, World Heavyweight Champion and the United States Champion. He is also a multiple-time tag team champion. There’s nothing in the WWE that Rey has not done or achieved.

Mysterio is now passing his prime and is nearing the end of his career. After Rey, WWE has not found its big Latino superstar who can fill Rey’s shoes. There is a lot of talent with WWE which includes people like Sin Cara, Kalisto and Andrade Almas.

According to the latest Wrestling News, Rey Mysterio has the solution that will get wrestling superstars to the top in the WWE and Latino faction, if led by him.

So it might be that we get to see LWO 2.0.

In a recent interview, Rey claimed that WWE did have a plethora of talented Latin and Latin American superstars. They all were just missing one thing him. Rey believes that he can link all of those superstars together and form a Latino faction inside the WWE.

Rey Mysterio is no stranger to Latino faction as he was once a part of such a faction. The faction helped Rey become a Monday night raw veteran. 

Mysterio spoke about this in an interview so we can only hope the WWE administration has listened to it. It would be a treat for all fans to see Mysterio lead such a faction in the WWE. Now with Rey and WWE talks over his future with the company, most likely to come to an agreement.

It would not be too far to imagine that Rey and WWE would eventually come to terms and build a storyline that can bring the formation of Latino faction.

The move would certainly be a big boost to both the parties and would definitely benefit them in every aspect. The Latino superstars including Rey to a certain extent have not been part of something significant in the WWE. Coming together and forming a faction would be an awesome move to get them some momentum and screen time.

Also, for WWE it would be a great move. As we know that factions are popular among the WWE fans and so was the first LWO.

With Rey Mysterio’s popularity and status as a Monday night raw legend and the fighting style of the Latino superstars. It could turn out a great hit and a final glowing feather.

So now, you know how important Latino Factions would be for WWE world. What do you think will WWE Administration take a step to improve the stars status? Comment your thoughts.


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