Pregnancy and Float Therapy – The Mother & Child Re-Union

Pregnancy is undoubtedly among the most wonderful miracles that life has to offer and as it is with everything, it comes with a price that could range from muscle pain, emotional disconcertion right up to bloating and backaches. 

Most people know for a fact that it is quite the struggle for most mothers-to-be. However, although this would have been the case for most mommy-to-be, things have changed and new discoveries have made things easier and among them is the float tank where pregnant mothers undergo float therapy.

The therapy which involves semi-submerging pregnant women in a highly saturated Epsom salt solution in a ‘space-like’ pod that is dark and silent for brief periods of time (approx. 60 minutes/ session) has been found to alleviate the pain and the struggles of pregnant women rather significantly.

What is more, is the fact that float therapy has become increasingly popular among expectant mothers mainly because, it seems that they are among the few demographics that are able to reap almost instant benefits from the therapy (it is crucial that expectant mothers consult their doctors and seek professional medical advice prior to subjecting themselves to float therapy).

However, thus far the attraction of float therapy to expectant mothers can be directly attributed to the pain relieving and relaxation benefits of the therapy especially for pregnant women who are in their second and third trimesters. Here are some of the greater more observable benefits of float therapy for those of you are expecting to be mothers soon.

Muscle pain: Float tanks basically reduce the impact of gravity to a very minimal and due to this the extra strain that is placed on the bones and muscles of mothers-to-be in a constant manner is relieved. 

Pregnant women in the 2nd trimester may be faced with significant discomfort due to constant strain on their backs, muscles, joints and feet and being able to have just an hour of relief from the constant pressure does wonders to help them cope with the pain.

Magnesium absorption: Magnesium is a very important nutrient that plays a critical role  in more than 300 diverse biochemical reactions at cellular levels and thus based on the fact that during float therapy magnesium is absorbed via skin (bypassing the inefficient digestive stream) and into the mother’s blood stream enhance the state of health  of both mother and baby.

Another phenomenon that happens during float therapy to pregnant women is the ‘mirror effect’ where the mother senses exactly what the baby senses, based on the fact whilst the baby floats in a a dark warm quite silent place within the womb of the mother, the mother is basically doing the same in the float pod – hence the mirror effect.

This phenomenon reportedly enhances the bond between mother and child. Other positive aspects of float therapy for mothers include reduced blood pressure levels, enhanced levels of oxygenation at the cellular level and an optimised immune system that constructs itself within a day after the therapy.


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