Paris Fashion Week 2018 – What Makes it so Special

Paris Fashion Week

Paris is the birthplace for the fashion. So if you want to witness a first-hand view of the latest trends, Paris Fashion week is the place to be. You will see the best designs of the world by the world’s best designers. Many celebrities take part in this event as well. So let’s take a look at this coolest place for all fashion and style enthusiast.

Why Is It Known As Fashion Capital?

French people were the first who created fashion and developed the world’s first fashion industry. Paris has been the leading fashion capital of the western world from the late 17th century to the 21st century. There are some other major centers of fashion including New-York, Milan, and London but among them, Paris is the prime city. The clothes we wear today is directly related to the Paris, even if they are designed somewhere else in the world.

Haute Couture began the concept of fashion in the 18th century. French people were very concerned about their culture so they chose fashion as a prime medium to show it. But why Paris is the fashion capital of the world? Simple because the most important fashion shows still take place in Paris and more aspiring designers go to the city to learn and showcase their skills in respective fashion platforms. First Paris fashion week happened in 1973 that was conducted by the Fresh fashion Federation.

Paris Fashion Week A Festival Of Style

This year, Paris Fashion Week will present some of the latest designs from the top level designers including names as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Yves Saint Laurent. In this big event, all the elite class people like socialites, journalists, stylists, and models come to witness the latest fashion trends. We will select some of the biggest trends in the autumn-winter 2018-2019 collections as Paris fashion week ended on March 6.

A Festival Of Style

Paris Fashion Week is one of the four major fashion weeks that held in Paris, France. The main series of events held in March. Here are just a few of the major highlights from fashion week fall/ winter season 2018. Paris fashion week starts on 27 February and runs until 6 March. This fashion week is considered the most important fashion week for the international fashion industry. Talented designers from all over the world come to this fashion show destination.

Major fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Hermes, Isabel Marant, and Alexander McQueen present their designers dress on models on the ramp show.

Here Are The Key Highlights Of The Last Paris Fashion Week:


Balmain Paris Fashion Week

For fall 2018, Balmain’s young creative director took an unconventional move by choosing a futuristic theme. On the ramp, the director used metallic body-hugging dresses, and light reflected sequined pieces. The team at Balmain also used wearing ripped jeans, denim trenches, and perfect -cut-jackets.



Dior’s Haute couture collection was inspired by surrealist art and based on monochrome colors pattern with lots of black and grey highlighted with a few shades of red. The main attraction of Dior’s was director of Dior ha utilized the runway to empower women and the brand fall 2018 collection was no different. This season was inspired by the 50th anniversary, the Paris student protest 1968.

Elie Saab

Elie Saab

At Elie Saab Fall 2018, the models wore daywear and evening wear in the form of cropped jackets and billowing off the shoulder gowns suited for the wedding across the region.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

For the second season, Anthony Vaccarello presented the Saint Laurent collection opposite the Eiffel Tower. This time, the runway was organized inside indoor space illuminated with hundreds of round lights. The model emerged on the catwalk wearing black leather shorts, big shoulder mini dresses and tailored jackets.

Hermes Inspired By The Retro Vibe


Hermes is the highly influential house for designers in Paris. The pre-fall collection is inspired by women’s rights movement. There are more chances to be a continuation of this retro vibe into autumn and winter, particularly in winter.

If You Want To Be There!

Upcoming Paris Fashion Week for 2019 will be going too held from 24 September- 2 October 2018. If you want to travel to Paris and witness this amazing fashion show you can check the complete schedule and location of this event on the internet.

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