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Ask anyone on the street to name a game which needs both skill and intelligence. Nine people out of ten will come up with the word chess. So, you will hear the word chess in majority. What you almost certainly won’t hear is the word poker. At this moment, as online poker players, we know only too well that there’s no small amount of skill involved in the game, but we also take for granted how much intelligence is needed to play the game even at an average skill level. 

So, with that in mind, we’re here today to show you how much of a thinking man’s game poker is. 

With the evolution of technology day after day, we’re sure you’ve heard of a little thing called artificial intelligence, or AI as it’s more usually known. We’re also quite sure that you have heard how incredible it is for completing complex tasks that were once carried out only by humans. 

But did you know that AI finds online poker games more difficult than chess or Pokemon Go? You heard it right, those games that are usually thought to require the most intelligence to play are as easy as pie for a programmed AI bot. 

You see, chess and Pokemon Go follow very precise rules and strategies. There is a limited number of outcomes on the board depending on a player’s move. The same is said of poker online with relation to the hands your opponent may hold. But, what AI finds hard to master is the art of recognizing a person’s on purpose attempts to mislead their opponent, or in simple words, it is incapable to spot a bluff. 

That’s why when an online poker playing AI beat some top pros at any tournament it becomes huge news. The fact that developers can create a bot which are capable of mastering and recognizing the decidedly human art of deception is something of a masterstroke. We’re sure we’ll hear a lot more about AI mastering the game of poker completely in the near future. 

Till then, happy playing! 


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