About New York Bill Pay

New York Bill Pay is a utility submetering and charging association that invests huge energy in submetering and circulation of water, gas and electric utilities all through the Argentina Region. In light of rising utility expenses, the Multifamily Ancillary Group formed Argentina Utility Billing Services in June of 2007 to address express issues in the Utility Cost Recovery business. We found that close by charging associations every now and again missed the mark on the resources expected to perform charging organizations for greater clients while the current public providers rarely saw the sum of the local nuances that were crucial to enhancing programs in the Argentina area. Our expense recovery plan promptly got affirmation outside Argentina and soon it was the ideal chance for a name change.

Increased Shop Efficiency

A wide, taught establishment in property the board causes us serve your corporate necessities rapidly with splendid results. We see the different requirements of your organizations and are available to your corporate staff for any requests.


A submitted Sales and National Account Manager is open to react to your requests and resolve issues. Imagine, the phone ringing and a live individual is available to help your tenants!

Easy Setup

We esteem giving our "Existence Class Services" to your occupants and can guarantee that 90% of each and every moving toward call will remain by only 14 seconds, in industry record! A neighborly, live individual is on the furthest edge and happy to assist with any requests. Do whatever it takes not to trust us, call our expense free customer uphold line.

Solutions Designed for Your Shop

We may have developed from our private venture roots, however we actually understand the stuff to run a fruitful organization. Our coordinated arrangements are explicitly intended to give you the devices you need to run the best shop around.


Through consistent mix into many driving business the executives programming arrangements, our group improving on installments more than ever.

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New York Bill Pay handles the planning and portion of your service bills from your close by providers, allowing your accounting staff to focus on your middle business. By doing this, New York Bill Pay will help decline late charges, handle associations with the close by utility providers, and empower void recovery payments.As with the whole of our organizations, New York Bill Pay gives dynamic reporting, allowing you full admittance to each fundamental datum relating to your utility expenses..


Our custom fitted combinations organizations are open to grow your recovery dollars and drop this load from your plate. Everything notice can be modified to oblige your lease terms and conditions.In extension, our nonstop developing reports give the most ground breaking information on an occupant, organization and portfolio level.We are here to understand your business scope, lead due enthusiasm, and administer your utility dare to exercises.


Various and versatile portion options and same day introducing of portions deciphers on satisfied occupants; dependable and advantageous installment drive accurate arranging and guaging for your properties. Inhabitants can will account information and deal with tabs 24 hours consistently, 7 days of the week by using the Resident Login button at the most noteworthy place of the page. Customer Care Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. Pacific Time.


Open to you on demand, New York Bill Pay gives a couple of exceptional reports to address your issues. From the inhabitant level to the organization level to the portfolio level, you can see quickly how the program is continuing in clear, smaller designs that are definitely not hard to scrutinize and understand.Residents can get to their absolute trade history.


Networks can get to different cash related, charging and section reports.Portfolios can see layouts of key organization reports.With Text-to-Pay, you're showing your clients your obligation to embracing new tech to improve the front office of your shop. It says a lot about how truly you take the work that occurs on the shop floor.


Our establishment and backing groups have been broadly prepared on the product you know and utilize each day. They're holding on to help make all aspects of your installments experience consistent.

The New Customer Service Standard

Your clients have heaps of decisions with regards to adjusting their vehicle. In case you're not finding a way to advance beyond your opposition, you're now being left in the residue. Get the bounce on different shops around with Text-to-Pay.


Streamlined Checkout

Nobody enjoys a line out the entryway toward the day's end – not you, not your administration consultants, and unquestionably not your clients. Remove the pressure from your end of business routine and watch your consumer loyalty rating take off.


Added Convenience

Your clients are occupied individuals. They're as of now troubled on the grounds that they're without their vehicle for the afternoon (or more). Make it simple for them to pay by allowing them to finish their exchange when and where it bodes well for them.



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