Native Australian Flower Industry Seeks More Growers to Fill Up Local, International Markets.

The native Australian flower industry sees a spike in demand across the country and the flower industry is now in search of new players to be part of and join this industry so that they can contribute to the sales in the export markets.

It is now after the global crisis that Australia has seen the demand levels booming in the flower industry. Even the weddings and the events nowadays are in favour of utilising native products which certainly contributes to the spike in sales.

Flowers Australia says that since 2010 the sales have increased by five times and the worth of the industry is now estimated at $350 million.

The sudden boom in the cut flower business in Australia has definitely seen smiles on many local growers, but it is not all good new.

This sudden increase in demand by the local consumers makes the native growers apprehensive of being able to supply to export markets like Japan who look to Australia for their flowers.

Flower farms are a treat to look at but that doesn’t mean the cut flower business in Australia is easy to run. It has quite a few challenges too.

Lodi Pameijer, a long time farmer in the cut flower business in Australia expresses how the business is quite tedious and laborious.

He had to return every day for six long weeks during spring to bring hand cut fresh kangaroo paw for the wholesale markets.

Lodi has been a native grower and in the cut flower business in Australia for 20 years.    He owns a three and half hectare block in Melany where he grows multiple varieties of flowers.

He expresses how Australia has absolutely, the perfect climate for the cut flower business, but due to the increase in demand, more care has to be taken while growing these flowers.

Mr Pameijer takes his work very seriously and says that a lot of care and love has to be given while handling these flowers.

He goes on to say how in the beginning his business was flourishing, sales were solid for a good five years from when they entered the cut flower business, but then things took a turn for him and his wife as the global crisis hit.

His wife and he used to send loads and loads of kangaroo paw to Japan, but suddenly the economic situation changed for them. They had to start competing with the bigger players who could push product at a faster and cheaper rate.

This almost took them out of the industry, but they struggled and clawed their way back in and are now seeing the benefits.

Things are now going very well in the cut flower business in Australia and people cannot get enough of it. The use of flowers has increased and even the demand for sculptural pieces have increased domestically.

The industry wants to expand itself globally as exporting these flowers globally fetches a better price for the growers.


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