Models with 3 Boobs Walks the Ramp during Milan Fashion Week

Three Breast Models

Fashion weeks are known for the experiments and new style trends. You can rely on Fashion week shows to be interesting, but some fashion shows take their creativity to the next level. The latest case happened in the Milan fashion week. Designers are always trying to push boundaries when they debut a new collection on the runway. Two models made their way down the catwalk with an extra prosthetic boob tangled in between their real breasts, with three sets of nipples poking out from the shirt.

An Italian brand GCDS stands for “God Cannot Destroy Streetwear“, founded by brothers Giuliano and Giordano Calza in 2015, did this unique experiment. The biggest attraction of this latest Milan Fashion Week happened on 22 September was three- breasted models.

Street Style

Calza, the co-founder and creative director of GCDS, sent models on the ramp with three breasts, all apparently prosthetic. The cropped neon GDCS shirts with black bands barely covered the model’s breasts. The models immediately reminded the famous scene from 1990 film Total Recall, which had featured a three-breasted girl flashing at Arnold Schwarzenegger character.

They were part of a catwalk show by the brand themed around dystopian future- which designer Giuliano wanted to act as a “wake-up call”. He wanted to represent into unique way through his fashion collections, issues like the future of the environment and pollution, among other matters.

“Three breast is not only a ‘total recall’ homage but also a political statement, in a moment where culture and art need more feeding than ever, three breasts might be useful” he described in his blog. Calza also said that he sent the models on the runway wearing three breasts for a very personal reason. That personal reason was, his mom has breast cancer years ago and it was such a wake-up call of what is future going to be about? So due to this reason, he put all his strength into offering an imaginary world where he could express himself.


The designer explained each and everything in detail in an interview. He said in an interview ‘ We are the young group of people here- we are all under the age of 30- and I wanted to talk to people of our age about the future and get them thinking about plastics, water shortage, and the environment issues’. Full sustainability is almost impossible, and I wanted this show to be a wakeup call” This is not the first time the brand has used breasts in its messaging at Fashion shows. At the brand’s showing during New York Fashion Week last fall, GCDS models wore extreme crop tops to reveal under the breast.

Highlights of Milan Fashion Week        

But that did not mean that the collection was all ripped shirts. It was neon, playful, bright colors and cartoon detailing. The bold collection was also featured sci-fi elements with the use of metallic foil in a completely new look. One model walked down the runway in biker shorts and a cutout turtleneck top. The second model has a similar outfit, where she was featured a charcoal cut-out turtleneck. That was layered with a neon orange bra, with three different boobs poking out. She was wearing oversized sunglass, making for an edgy look. Both were looking stunning in their new unique outfits.

Highlights Of Milan Fashion Week

If you are thinking a three-breasts model experiment is the craziest thing that is happened on the Fashion show then you may be wrong. This is not the first time designers have taken liberties morphing the human body on the runway. There are so many different fashion shows which are known for such kind of bizarre experiments. This year in February, At New York Fashion Week, the design house sent models wearing “Vagina Mohawks” down the runway. That was completely resembling with the pubic hair. The designer wants to represent diversity, uniqueness, and acceptance of individuality with the life-giving human vagina. In the same month, Gucci sent two models down the runway carrying a special replica of their dissipated head at Milan fashion week. So such kinds of weird experiments are the casual thing in Fashion Shows. You can explore more new things about this Fashion Week on various fashion websites.

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