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Maxx Pet Care is a specialist, strengthened and protected, dog walking and pet sitting organization offering a grouping of fun and sensible canine walking options, in-home pet sitting, and master in-home pooch planning. Our pet sitters give your pets exercise, socialization and an all around splendid time! We tailor each visit to what your pets require. A walk around the territory, dog climbs and assembling play dates, settling, playing with kitty toys, and stores of veneration and play for your canine or feline.

Our Services

Dog Walking

Our canine walkers are committed to bringing the delights of play time and nature to your mutts!

Pet Sitting

Our pet sitters send revives after each visit, with stores of pictures so you can see their playful faces.

Dog Boarding

keeping your young doggie's readiness on target while you travel and can outfit experienced thought to dogs with remarkable energetic or restorative necessities.

Dog Park Play

Give your social pooch the enrichment of outdoors exercise, prompting, and a gigantic measure of enjoyment with our get-together endeavors.

Maxx Pet Care

24/7 Customer Service Support

Getting your young doggie off on the right paw at present will help ensure that the individual being referred to grows up into a peppy, strong, created family hound.

The course is Rs 12000 for 3-significant stretches of unfathomable access. Go at your own pace and review the material indistinguishable number of times from you have to.

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Our pamphlet, a very much arranged guide on what to do from the moment your little pooch gets back. As the individual creates, you'll get advancing bearing, tips and direction for each period of advancement.

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